I hate the Christmas Heroes




I started demoting people for using the Buddy avatar as a joke lol. Thing is creepy. And I generally agree the heroes look flat out stupid.

The issue is Buddy is a top five 4* hero so we will be seeing his ■■■ everywhere.

Bah humbug.


Pulled Santa off a coin. Was gonna ascend my Zim or Mitsuko first. Should I rethink that? Or demote Santa as a long term project?

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Looks like they are walking an Oregon Beach during the summer. It’s cold and you still need a hoody. Even in the middle of August.

They would have all my monies.


I made this for you :stuck_out_tongue:

Create Your Own Hero

(I made it for me. But I’m saying it’s for you so I seem generous instead of self serving. Don’t tell anyone!)


Just making this thread was self serving enough :wink: :rofl:

I was lucky to get Evelyn out of two single Epic Hero Tokens, which now completely discourages me from trying more seasonal pulls. No matter how good the heroes are, how the Oathflakes Grandma’s resurrection is appealing for someone who started after Alby’s month - I don’t want to keep Christmas joke heroes in my roster permanently.

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No drama folks lol.
I think only Gravemaker Sartana Natalya isarnia are beautiful To watch … (talkin about 5*)
Ali the rest not top design are To ne reviewed

Totally agree! We couldn’t get the ghost of Christmas to come?!

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Got to say that I am one of thos who likes the Christmas hero’s. Could had added in the christmas spirits and a lil Timmy as well as a scrooge.
I also think that should give epic summons tokens in the chests and mystic vision and in completion of the special events, as well as when leveling up.
I think that when we do an epic summons or epic troop summons that should recieve 4 * and 5 * hero’s instead of 3 * hero’s, cause 1*, 2 * and 3 * hero’s and troop’s are given in daily summons.

Wow !!! 20 character!

Silence in this thread. are everyone started to like this heroes?

Nope! Still hate them… but I admit that Buddy is good… :sweat_smile:

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Have Buddy and Rudolph. Love them! :star_struck:

Wish I had Mother Northa and Santa! :sweat_smile:

There’s a difference between “these heroes function well” and “WTF are these Victorian anachronisms doing in my RPG?” This thread is about the latter.


I still can’t wait for “Why the hell are you fighting Santa Claus” when I show the game to my friends few months after Christmas :wink:


Nah I mean. Said what I had to say. That’s it. Someone said there might be skins for them down the road. I’m hopeful for that.

If not I’ll just be facepalming year round when I see these jokers :stuck_out_tongue:

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The 2019 teaser thread shows skins for heroes so it’s possible


I just saw that thread. I’m trying to figure out how to create an android in my likeness to pretend to do my work so I can fully devote myself to playing E&P in 2019.

A sneak peek into the future:

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