I hate my luck

I really spend a lot pf money in this game. But I never got lucky. I’m only have one 5 stars and I already spend more than 9000 gems . Look my last 2600 gems. Why?! I dont want to use more money in this game, really xD I’m tired Screenshot_20181203-205437|281x500

Just don’t do that, and budget your cost. This game is not a sprint, it more like marathon that request our pattience

Thanks your advice :slight_smile: you’re right. I’m going to take a deep breath and just try to do my best ( and save my money for a while hahaha )

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Have fun and really wish u luck in other pull!

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Summoning odds are not great. If you’re doing standard Epic pulls (=seasonal pulls now), it’s only a 1.5% chance per pull of getting a 5*.

If you are just starting out, you really want quality 4* heroes, not 5*. Please see the numerous threads where this has been discussed.

Best odds of a 5* are from TC20, which costs you nothing but time, hams and recruits.


Thanks Kerridoc :slight_smile: I feel much better now, I’m not upset with my lucky anymore xD its just math. :slight_smile: thanks for the information! See you in the battlefield


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