💔 I HATE / LOVE this game! – A Guide to Complaining, Celebrating, and Overcoming Obstacles

That’s a typo…the RCT is about Satyr

Also, I had no idea how NSFW Googling that would be!

Let’s just say, if SG ever incorporate one in the game, he’s going to need a mighty codpiece!


I’m not surprised, given the historical Satyr Plays.


It was half half :wink:
But to me it sounded as a very logical step to include this.
Read this post first and click some links so you know what you already can find on the forum.

When I find some time I will check if I can add.


Might be a little intimidating for newbies as they don’t know anyone yet, but I’m sure there’s a lot of seasoned players that haven’t found this thread yet. up to you :smile:


Great idea to add! I put it into Raiding and Just for Fun. :slight_smile:

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I think the thread we want is this one, right?

Yes, a couple of players explained it in very simple, easy to understand ways.

Should this also be added

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Yeah, good idea, I’ll add that too

BTW you don’t need to delete your posts, I moved it to the right thread for discussing this. :slight_smile:

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What about this one?

Sure, I can add a Forum help section.

These belong there too:

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This one may get more “legs” if it’s more prominent?

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Interesting thread! I don’t think I actually ever saw that one.

It’s pretty low on the longevity threshold, though.

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I wouldn’t mind seeing if it gets a few more comments, or if those are the only tips? I picked up on a couple of things I wasn’t aware of!


If it manages to gain momentum on its own I’ll add it. I’m trying to keep this list evergreen enough that it’s not a bunch of old dead threads. That one is approaching a month of inactivity.

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Perhaps add a reply , with a link, to the (Advice for New Players, or "All the things I wish someone had told me when I first started.") which seems to be popular.


Wow. I’m famous. :joy::rofl::joy::rofl:


This is very nice, but shouldn’t be necessary and doesn’t make up for the shortfalls of the game. I’m still not convinced that it,s not fixed more than half the time in an effort to get you to part with more cash. As it is, that’s me done, I’ve deleted the game and I have no intention of reinstalling it. And i’m the 3rd person in a single alliance in about a week to do so, the game is hemorrhaging players for a reason, stop sticking up for it.

Games are for fun, not enjoying it is a perfectly valid reason to stop playing.

And since you feel the game is designed to be a cash grab with unfair elements, that’s all the more reason to play something else.

I hope you find something you do enjoy to replace it, and that feels fair and without such shortfalls! :slight_smile:


There is:

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  • Added in a new section for Epic Hero Token & Epic Troop Token Frequency

  • Added all links suggested in this thread that weren’t already in the list


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