I had to delete the app had refresh the game now I can’t play

I had to delete the app and reinstall now I can’t play and I’m in a war with my clan

Hi @CarnageKing74;

Unfortunately we (the forum) are mainly just players so can’t do much more than offer advice.

If you had logged in to Google / Apple play account, then the data should be backed-up there. So simply uninstalling, logging into your Google Play Games account (or Apple gamecentre account), then reinstalling the game should bring your progress / account back.

If you hadn’t logged in to Google/Apple, it gets a little more tricky & you’ll have to #contact-support for their more direct assistance. If you click that hash-tag you’ll get redirected to some instructions on how to contact support.


@CarnageKing74, you have to actually read & follow the instructions in the #contact-support thread… Not just comment there too.

why are they making me create a new account I’ve already got one

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