I guess it's my turn to say goodbye



Gosh I haven’t heard the name GameForge since Ikariam. I understand being done. I’m not, but I can understand someone else wanting to plug into real life.

Godspeed. :wink:


You mean takes your account?


Nice Writing @marlenus, I have the same feeling and experienced similar timelapses like you.
But now i’m in a alliance that feels like family too me. I can’t abandon them because of the P2W approach from SG.
I think to SG it does’t make a difference if a long time player leaves the game when every day new players are poring in and get hooked.
Btw, i never spend a dime, and i’m doing well in the game. (now i really won’t get anything after saying that, hehe)


I actually saw some Ikariam adds on Facebook a couple of months ago. I was shocked. :sweat_smile:

I read the part of not recommending the game to friends and realized I did the same thing. I’ve been playing games with a group friends for about 10 years and I have not even mentioned E&P to them in the past year. I guess I am still playing just because I don’t want to waste a year’s effort.

Farewell sir and thank you for your contribution to the game and forum.


Same reason ex-smokers don’t speak nicely about cigarette manufacturers?

It’s all about perspective, if you want to understand the OP. Many play this game habitually, but casually. Some play this game hardcore, like the OP. Big difference.

Hardcore gaming can have adverse effects on your life. Doesn’t have to, but it can. If you game too hard for too long you may find yourself in the OP’s shoes. Exactly there. Burnt out with a neglected social life.

And then you take a good hard look at yourself and how the $#%# you got in this sorry state and you have to conclude that at least part of that was the company that fed off and nurtured your addiction. The bitterness spills over easily from yourself to the company, and I don’t blame the OP for that, as long as they recognize their own responsibility as well. Given that he quit the game, it’s likely he does.


I know you’re joking, but the rules compel me to burble “no trading, selling or exchanging accounts…” :wink:

I think the actual wording from the Terms of Service is “you are not entitled to … copy, store, modify, transfer, distribute, sell, rent or otherwise make publicly available
your account”…


Please post suggestions on how SGG can improve, in your opinion, and sorry to see you go.

PS - I work in the old DEC HQ now (obviously not for DEC). Small world.


This is why I stayed for months longer than I should have. After taking that day off it really clicked that I can easily stay in touch with these great people by FB or Discord. I don’t need the limited in game chat mechanism to do it.

Eventually you reach ‘the end of the game’. You’re loaded up with maxed 5*, you actually have plenty of ascension items where you could level up several more 5*, you have a dozen unlevelled 5*. You’ve made it way past the point where many quit due to lack of 5* or ascension items. You’re playing in one of the most competitive alliances in the game and taking down 12* titans with 12 hours left.

The only thing really left is to try to get your hands on the uber heroes you missed like Alby or Athena or Guin. That costs zillions of $$$ and if you DO get them, then what? More grinding to level them and you push yourself up a bit higher on the leaderboard. It’s a dead end, everyone that sticks with this game will eventually get there, I realized it would be a dead end a year ago but decided I’d figure out what I’d do once I got there, but still, I rushed there as quickly as I could. I stuck around at that dead end for a long time trying to find a road or pathway that continued on but never found satisfaction from any of them.

I removed the game from my phone and shutdown Bluestacks (where I played my alt account) to make it more difficult to fire up the game if habit or temptation showed up. It’s easier today than it was yesterday. Tomorrow it will be easier still.


I am happy for you & your decision. Since you have mentioned openly addiction several times maybe it wouldn’t hurt if you had a closer look at why craving for stimuli got you hooked up in the first place? Maybe instead of switching to sth else you could address it and have a more happy, socially fulfilling life?


Nope - it is still here. I’m a gearhead and several of my friends, one in particular, is hardcore into auto-x. How do you PM here and I’ll send you the name.


I think they have PM here disabled. I saw someone selling a stolen account from someone well known here and tried to reach him a while ago via PM and there was no way to do it. Never seen forums where you can’t PM. Maybe I know your friend’s car without you having to share his name :slight_smile:

I wish I could solve it. t’s a problem I’ve had since I was a child. I’ve seen many professionals over my 50+ years and haven’t found a solution. I think I just need to be aware it’s a personal problem I have and either avoid falling into traps in the first place or pull myself out if I recognize it’s starting to impact my job or family. In the case of E&P it wasn’t so much about affecting those (though I admit there was some but it never got to the point where my wife said anything but it was enough for me to recognize my behavior was not ideal), it was more an issue that if I wasn’t logging in all the time, it became a source of anxiety which I already have enough of in my life :). I had flags to use, chests to fill, titans to hit… if everything wasn’t on empty… anxiety. No fun + anxiety = another contributing factor for it being time to go.


@marlenus Thank you for all you have contributed to this game, both here on the forums and in the 7DD family.


Thank you Kerridoc, right back atcha.


Playing like for 5 months and have the same feelings! The game is just unfair and needs more things added not just stamping new heroes.(Alc lab, player trades etc)

Look what I got at first, right after registering

Seems like community overheat and lack of the devs response for players concerns.

Diablo II is the best ever! JahIthBer :smiley:
Baal runs xD Hammerdin Shako+Um
SG should add some kind of trading being made like in D2


If you actually take a step back and analyze this game, it is an average to below average offering that has recently just become a money grab. Any of the new heroes are so difficult to get that you have to spend hundreds to acquire unless you get lucky. And for what? To be slightly better than you were fighting against a bunch of other people who spent tons of money for the same heroes only to find that there is a bit of strategy and a ton of luck depending on whether you get a good or bad board? I stopped spending money and find that I play less frequently now.


Remember the days when you bought the game once and forever actually owned it?


I know that and Im just kidding…I have already two accounts…1 in my android and 1 in my iphone :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


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