I got three 5* all Red

So, i have all needed gear to lvl up my 3/70 5stars but i have No idea what to choose.
Santa Claus
Guardian Kong

Help pls!

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What is the rest of your team right now? What other color heroes do you have?

Individually I say go for Natalya but depending what you have it might make more sense to do Santa or Kong

Evelyn, proteus, wu kong, grimm, sartana, wilbur, hu tao colen. These are my best heroes rn

Sante claus, hands down.

Yeah you’re in dire need of some durable heroes there… and Claus is going to fill that role pretty well. Natalya is good too but she’s frail for a 5* (appropriately so given her ability). Guardian Kong would too but his ability is not as strong as Claus’s

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