I got raided by the same person 5 times in a row

How is possible to get raided by the same person 5 times in a row? Can’t be a bug, right? Even if I won 4 out of 5, am interested in how this is possible. Thanks for the input

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This is totally possible as they were not continuous raids. The first two attacks happened 11 hrs ago and he/she lost both times, and that person didn’t try a third time. Now after 3 hrs and several other other raids, he/she must have come across you again (luck by chance) and started attacking you. Once again he/she lost 2 times and then finally defeated you on their 3rd time. The game doesn’t allow a person to attack more than 3 times, but if that person does other raids and again comes across you that is considered a fresh attack.

TLDR: It’s not 5 consecutive attacks, it’s more like 2 attacks, then again 3 attacks.


You won 4 out of the 5 if that makes you feel better(things work in my favor, i don’t even question it personally lol jk)

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It is also possible if your team appears in one of the map’s outposts. And this is what I think actually happened. The player tried to beat the outpost 2 times in a row, didn’t succeed and finished the flags. 3 hours later the player, having 3 flags, finally succeeded.

Many players re-roll, many don’t. A new player who fights an outpost, should stop re-rolling when finds an easier team for him and may try over and over again until is successful.

Actually myself I fought the 21th province outpost (in the other game), along a week, against the same player, until I got a super lucky board and I managed to beat an epic team with my rare heroes. And I checked, was an actual player with an alliance. The most hilarious thing he/she got the revenge and got only 1 trophy (I got 59 from him/her, the gap being huge between us).

The bottom line, I raided the same player dozens times. Not only 5 times like in your case… Still, I don’t remember if in E&P the outposts have actual players as defenders and this is why I am not 100% sure this happened in your situation. I know for sure the other SG game has actual players as outposts defenders, who may be raided over and over again without limitation.


Thank you so much for the explanation. Never seen this before. Hey the raid worked on my favor but I was curious how this could be possible. Thanks again and good luck on the game!

Yes the outposts in E&P use actual players


Hmm, is it really possible to get an enemy with around 2300 cups in an Outpost? It’s around a year since I did a Outpost. But my memory says it was always a really easy enemy in it.

Maybe someone has a picture of the last Outpost and has himself high cups?

The outposts are not about trophies; about team power. At any outpost if you do 1000 re-rolls, 1000 times will have similar TP defender. And I know for sure the last outpost at least, it is about a full upgraded epic team. What I don’t know, if these teams are emblemed beginning with this year. But the fact is, the selection is based on team power, not trophies. So, an epic team may have 1800 trophies or 2300-2500 trophies, easily…

I can remember being revenged by a player I (finally) defeated in an outpost. At that point I wasn’t raiding so it stood out. Was very frustrating because it took me many times over days to beat the outpost and only one try for the revenge. Of course was probably very frustrating for them too as they would not have gotten much for the revenge.

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