I got raided a little

The fillings was the same, and at the morning it was +62.
Something happened here with that ranks

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Your defense lost a bunch of raids…what exactly is the issue. 161 cups isn’t that much. The first time I went past 2500, I went to lunch and lost 406 cups.


I changed the title a little to better reflect what occured.

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I was going cry about me getting hit by a much smaller account than me and he won 49 cups I look at his account level 13 with 2 4* & 1 5* with two chveon level up power of 1350 I am level 18 team power 1944 he kick me good so I feel your pain so sorry!

but you don’t know what they attacked with…

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I saw his team wered mintestinal apart and his XP level was 13 it not a lot of time to hide fully max out 5 * heros what I saw were 3 4* with hash marks up and one 5* herosion with one hash mark half way up with team power of 1300 something are you thing he had more my point was where did he get that team from at XP level 13 did he pay2play or did he some how cheat to get that or did the system some mess up on me I don’t know ! I later try a revenge and the same team came up and his team cut down so fast it was funny! All I saying is that was something I was not ready to see XP 13 beat a XP 17 as if he was beating a XP 5 level cause that what it look like to me! My point being I read the numbers thinking he is a lot smaller than me at team power 1300 something when I was team power 1936 a big gap between us and that not the time I have seen something like before to me in the last week so I don’t what going on so I laugh coz what could I do! I understand the game is made so if you want to pay to get gems you can and I understand cheaters will cheat and I was going to lose and I did but if it was somehow a glitch than there nothing I could do and it doesn’t not matter what it was coz it was out of hands so I laugh and than I read how lost a lot more cups I laugh again coz this game is funny at times so why not laugh!