I got Onatel last night

Please teach me how to use her because as I saw she has attack and still mana from the opponent and my current roster is look like this make print screen to attach

Congrats! You would be best served by finishing Wu Kong and Li Xiu before you start on Onatel though. Onatel looks really good and she’ll definitely be very useful in time, but you’ve got several core 4 star heroes to level that will help you more right now.


Grats! You can leave Wu as he is, not much will change but you’ll only waste tons of heroes, focus on Onatel - yellow 5* healer will be very useful.

I was thinking to live Wu as is it so I know I’m going to put tons of food in to it but I hope worth at the end because she’s my first 5*attack

Please see the extensive discussion about Onatel and how to use her here:

And I second the idea of finishing Wu and Li. Wu is squishy even at max; to do his magic, he needs to be able to survive. Li is a solid 4* tank, but only if she’s maxed.

If you think finishing a 4* takes a lot of feeders and hams, just wait until you start work on a 5*. They take about double what a 4* takes.


I know she takes time to rise her up but finally I hope worth and about Wu Kong I think I’ll finish him later on because there’s no big difference to level 50 and 70 and about li Xiu yes indeed I’ll work on her

Onatel is not a healer, she hits 3 and steals mana over time. Interesting, and probably difficult to use, but not a healer

She hills herself I tested all ready check out and I’ll make a video to put on tomorrow

Yes she does have the 4% heal over time as is usual for current crop of HOTM. She just wouldn’t be considered a healer as that isn’t her primary role

Of course she’s not a proper healer but she can heal herself that 4% is better than nothing and besides when she has the special active more or less nothing can stop her and she will be very hard to kill because of stats when she will be tier 3 or 4

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