I got lucky

I got tarlack and Wilbur and gato right in a row on the Atlantis summon I was so stoked!! I am thinking that Wilbur is almost the best hero ever for farming and beating levels and definitely raids!! He makes my team unstoppable…now I saw someone say tarlack is only good for Titans?? No way he is awesome all around!!! Use them together with some heavy hitters and forget it…tarlack kicks but and has a huge advantage over Wu Kong because he doesn’t give any disadvantages like Wu’s -accuracy I don’t even use him anyone because of that too many misses… But don’t worry guys get your tokens from completing levels and summon Atlantis!! The flash deals are great deals too I always get them when they pop up…200 gems for 2 bucks…I usually get all 5 that are available so that’s 6 bucks for 1000 gems or sometimes more…

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Pulled 32 times and got only agwe. Pulled 40+ times during avalon and got only 1x lacelot. I didn’t even get drake or melendor, who are the ones i was really after. I’m really glad you got so lucky, but for me I’m cutting way back on my spending.


Today or in the last atlantis summons? I’m not seeing it available for me.

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Tarlak is awesome. Not sure I have seen anyone say otherwise but I share your assessment regardless.

I completely agree—Tapatalk and Wilbur are heroes that have a very solid place in the game’s meta. I pulled last month until I got them both, as I think they will make big differences in my team once leveled—which is happening ASAP.

Support heroes like these are easily brushed aside, but they can be the glue that pulls five heroes together.

I need Tapatalk!!!