I got Boomer! Yesssssssss

What a ridiculous waste of a character inventory slot in hopes of some day being worth while…

Is he the worst 4 star purple???

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I got him today too. Still on the fence about him.

I did 14 pulls yesterday and got only my 3rd Grimm along with 13 3 stars. Give me your boomer. Lol

Yeah, he’s prob the worst 4* purple. I didn’t have any other choice so he’s now 4-55 or something. His attack is a little weak, but his holy buff is really nice (near elimination of holy damage) and he can take a hell of a beating. He’s a reasonable tank if you’re lacking one. I wouldn’t throw him away, but if you have another choice I would level them first. But if you are waiting for another 4 or 5* purple, give him a shot.

Oh, and the recent buff is not really noticeable.

I have had Boomer in my corral since last November (doing nothing). Fortunately I came across Thoth and Rigard around the same time. I may bump him up some later this month for use in war, but I care not for him.

scew worst 4* purple

probably one of the worst 4 stars in the game

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For lack of any other new purple to work on, aside from duplicate healers, I actually took him to 3/60, finishing right at the beginning of the recent event. Naturally, when I tried rolling for something new, I ended up yet with another Boomer. And Sargasso too, so I’m still not training cross-color or doing duplicates at least, even if he’s no great shakes either.

Those AoE attackers are fundamentally disadvantaged, as they usually charge their attacks slower than single or splash hitters. But when they have low attack stats on top of it—folks like Boomer and Horghall—they’re all but unplayable.

Unless of course, you’re severely hard up for heroes; in that case, you take what you can get.

Well put. That was my calculus as well. My thought was, he’s the only offensive purple 4* I have, might as well make do instead of holding onto the ascension materials for some future purple guy I might never get (Tibertus was the one I really wanted). And like I said, he’s not completely useless. He helped take down an 8* yellow Titan a few days ago, and serves well when I’m farming 16-9.