I got a newbie question

If l buy the tournament offer and there is like 50 trainers but have only 30 free spots in my roster, what happens with the rest?

You “overstock”, which means you exceed the cap and can’t get any feeders ot heroes from farming or your TCs.

But in all honesty, those offers really aren’t worth it. I would advice you to spend your money on something else in game if you’re deciding to spend it anyway.


Just to clarify and agree with @TheChef

You get to keep all the trainers.

Your cap will temporarily expand, then return to normal once you’ve used them.


True. There are better deals. I was just wondering what happens. Thanks guys. You were very helpfull.

If I can add, the same would happen if you summon over your limit, i.e. you have 100 max spots and 85 heroes and buy the summon 30x on Valhalla, you will still summon 30, you will just have 15 heroes over your limit.

The limit really only applies to - getting the heroes out of camp and getting them off the map farming.


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