I freaking love Merlin!

Title says it all. :smiley:

I only got Merlin and Lance from avalon pull. Since I have Kelile, WIlbur and Boldtusk to finish, Lance is not in the mix yet.

HOWEVER Merlin is my first 4star purple. Also pulled RIgard after him, but I thought he looked cool and started leveling asap…
WOW, what a hero.
I mean I’m having so much fun with him. Watching enemies shoot themselves because of his special is entertaining and satisfying.

Basically yeah, that’s a positive thread.
Merlin is absolutely awesome. Even if I had pulled only him from 3x10 Avalon pulls I would have been happy. :smiley:


He is so much fun to play! Both in raids and in events, saved my team on numerous occasions.

Grats getting him!


Calm down you’ll forget about him and a week or two

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Lol I have 3 merlins fully leveled for wars. I like him a lot.



Oh yeah? :wink:
Well, Merlin is part of my team when I attack with 3 purple 2 green. He does quite well raiding in the 2700+ cups range. :+1:

Also a nice hero to stop opponents from being annoying, in events.

I also have 3 merlins fully leveled for wars.


I ate mine

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All mana control heroes are extremely useful.
When I fight Guinevere in low Diamond I take Merlin, Obakan and Proteus.


I was lucky enough to pull three of him, From 2 10 pulls just now. You are inspiring me to keep them all for wars! I want to level Rigard first, but maybe Merlin 1 will go up after that :grin:


I like to imagine the look on my opponents face as he kills himself to hand me the win. Yeah… maybe I enjoy that a little too much :wink:


Merlin is my favorite hero in the game. Maybe not the most powerful or dominating, but one that makes me literally LOL while raiding and seeing Wu’d up foe blow herself up. Tremendously satisfying.


Lol i just said that and was waiting for the overreactions for a good laugh. You guys totally rained on my parade


If only wars gave you back for all the effort you put in

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Maybe reframe your view of wars. For me, wars are a social event, about teamwork, strategy and challenge. If we only play for rewards, we are really no longer playing.

It is a really fun and challenging game, find the enjoyment if you can, because complaining will not change the nature of randomness in the rewards system


Yes, he can be considered as one of the game changeing heroes. He’s weak yes, but extremely useful.

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At the Avalon event this time I got him (Merlin). I like to take it to low level quests because I haven’t fully trained.
I like playing with enemy bosses using Merlin and I like to laugh by myself seeing the enemy boss hitting himself or his allies hahahaha… really entertaining me when I’m saturated
:heart_eyes::heart_eyes: happy get him a unique hero


Merlin is not weak, only his blood is lacking for a hero 4* (hp only 975) but can be dealt with using troop +:heart: :grin::grin:

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I’ve heard this like 100 times

Can I not have an opinion

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Of course you can, in fact I defend your right to an opinion. Just trying to look at it from a different angle

We are hijacking this thread, so let’s just disagree :slight_smile:

Well, I agree with you on the wars.
As a matter of fact, I utilized the individual opt out, as soon as it was available, with the kind permission of my ally leader.
Wars interfere with my real life, and the rewards are most definitely not worth the effort, nor the annoyance of scheduling your real life around a mobile phone game for the mid-week battle.
(I am on Central European Time, can play with reliable internet connection only from home with WLAN, and had to schedule my attacks for the mid-week battle for 23.30 on Wednesday evenings - during the work week, no less. That does get very annoying very soon.)

I used my 3 Merlins when I still participated in wars. They did a good job - with my other purples - especially against opponents who use guin tanks. :+1:

Some players love wars, others consider them an unwelcome duty. That is just the way it is.
I, for one, am very grateful to SG for introducing the individual opt out. So that those players who detest wars do not get annoyed enough to leave the game. Such an option is beneficial for customer retention :blush:

Back to the thread subject:
Merlin is great for pvp, for events, and for wars.
If you are lucky enough to have several merlins, and you do wars, do try and level up several Merlins for wars. He is very helpful, especially against yellow tanks.

And Merlin Freaking love me, did 3*10 pull I got 4 merlin , lolempires


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