I found Obakan costume

Hello forum, I found the Obakan costume but no opinion about it.
My impression is that he’s similar to Elena, with less damage but quick speed.
What do you think? Is it a good card?
Thanks in advance to everyone :slight_smile:

Imo he is worth mats with costume, not awesome but definetly not bad


two players in my alliance maxed his costume and they like him. he is decent fast hitter. the counterattack could use a buff but not by much.

he is a decent combo with tiburtus costume


Id love to have him!

Current meta is around fast hit all heroes like Frigg, Odin.

He would complement them nicely!

Counter attacks at fast also arent ignorable since you have to have dispel ready faster than usual. And even if he gets dispelled, being fast ensures, he will have counter attacks back in no time!


He is good, he can’t wreack a team by himself but with a pair of healers he could.

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Love his artwork. He would be excellent in a purple stack.

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