I filled out the beta form and now my account name has changed buying new phone

I had to mention my account name when applying for Beta. I bought a new phone (yes that changed too obviously) and suddenly my account name/code was changed. I only saw this yesterday. I would have thougt name would be the same. I mean the #… name mentioned when starting up game.

A: i hope this doesnt affect anything in beta appliance because data mentioned don’t go with current phone. Fyi gamename is Grunnenstrikesback, game code can be obtained by asking… for obvious reasons i don’t give that in public
B: i just noticed it yesterday. Would i have lost gems, Cheshire cat etc if i had used the old name?
C: if A and B are true, can you mention something sbout this? I just used the Samsung app to move things from my old phone and just went on where i was.

Just asking @Petri

I also registered but recognized too late that I mentioned the names of both accounts instead of just one…is there a chance to change the beta requests generally?

account number does not change, are you sure you are not confused with the version number? account number in the menu / options / about the game / upper left corner

You got a new phone.

Each device is different - I play on several. This helps with bugs when contacting support.

But all are linked to your account.

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