I feel like it's not necessary to have all 5 elements in an ATTACK team


if you have for example 2 fire heroes in you attack team, you do double damage(depends on heroes’ attack power) when you hit an enemy with red gems. Especially with countering (like red againsts green). It gives the team more outplay potential, you are more likely to kill an enemy hero before his mana bar goes full.
Also if both of your fire heroes have same mana speed, they can use both of their abilities at the same turn, give your enemy heroes no time to respond.

I have 2 fire heroes, 2 ice heroes and 1 dark hero in my attack team, my strategy is only matching red and blue gems, then purple gems. when there are no red or blue or purple gem on the board that can match, I try to create yellow and green diamond to clear the board(its a lot easier to create diamond at this time, and likely follows with multiple combos).

of course this strategy has a huge downside, one or more color gems does no damage. Sometimes you can even see an auto-lost before you even start.
But I’d like to take the chance and continue playing this way. Maybe I’ll change my opinion when I reach the late game…


It works with titans well where it’s kind of a crap shoot anyway and you can be missing a hero and still get the stun.

It can work on maps, can hose you a little more on RNG but it’s survivable and if you’re facing all one color like on some quest maps, it can really help.

On raids, bleck. Besides Murphy making an unfortunate number of appearances there is a huge problem with it: you do 1 damage or whatever for a missing hero, but they generate full mana from the hits. So you get no mana (missing hero) and they get full mana for nearly zero incoming tile damage… a core principle of raiding is to drive the specials in your favor, and this can be awful as a result.

I was playing around missing a blue hero on my test account, and I got an awesomesauce blue board… and my first thought was, yippee Athena I win!

And then reality struck and I realized I was playing on the alt and I proceeded to get absolutely obliterated because there was nothing I could do to prevent them building overwhelming specials against me.

I did recently hear of a strat of using say two blue to counteract Colen / Azlar / Gormek that I flatly struggle with in a tank slot, but at my level it’s just cheaper to reroll than to play RNG funsies.


I find it works well especially in raids for some reason.
May be it’s just for me, I’m not that far into this game and fighting against weaker teams.
I’m around 2500 team power and usually fight against 2500-2800.


An attack team with 5 color heroes is like a 100% damage sword with no miss chance.

An attack team with 2 blue, 2 red and 1 purple heroes is like a sword has 40% double strike chance and 40% miss chance.
You get to use 2 abilities in the same turn.
enemy gains mana even you miss the hit(matching yellow/green).
But you can choose to match the red and blue gems instead of yellow and green. But there’s still a chance to get an extremely bad start at the beginning.


For me it kinda works using a pair which have the opposite color of the main hero of the foe. (i mean the central)
But just a couple, giving up on your weakest hero of the team.

Sacrifice a color it’s reasonable, two is madness.


Actually it can work quite fine depending a bit on play style.

•You get double damage (well, higher at least. If someone is willing, please test and crunch the numbers).
• Since heros of the same colours get mana at he same time you can easier time your heroes to charge up at the same time. This can be very useful for combos.

• obviously the colour lacking will do no damage at all.

Now gameplay:
At first glance it is easy to think that the “sometimes double damage and sometimes no damage” - will even its self out. This might be true if you played randomly but you can tactically make this into an advantage. If you make sure to ghost with the colour that is missing (with this I mean purposely miss hitting heroes, normally to load up on mana without charging opponent) and hit heroes with the colour you have doubled up you can maximise the upside and minimise the downside.

Why isn’t this done more?
• very hard to level several of the same colour, at least 4 and 5 star heroes. You probably want to focus ascension items for one hero of every colour.

• even when played right you will get a higher variance when playing. The board will either be really good or really bad. In raids, if you meet evenly matched opponents then you will probably already be in favour of winning since game favours the attacker. Playing a team with several of the same colour will risk that you overkill first opponent and lose against the second. With a more even setup you are in favour of winning both but with lesser margin.