I feel like I have maxed out this game

I’ve been at this game for almost two years now. I have all of the good 5* heroes (multiples of some). I refuse to mortgage my home to get the special heroes and all I am doing now is running 4 tc20s to get Joon - the last of the good ones. Meanwhile I’m accumulating heroes and trainers, waiting for the day when Joon arrives.

Nothing left to build…nothing left to research…and I’m at level 62.

What more is there? Well, upon reading what’s coming up in 2019, perhaps there is a thread of hope… maybe.


Seems u don’t need anything else. Then do mercing and help and teach smaller alliances with all ur knowledge and power. U got new friends there and a sense of purpose


If it was me I’d start setting new goals:

-killing 12* titans consistently
-6/6 hits every war
-improving defense team to see how high you can keep cups
-compete in challenge events

Etc etc

Always more to do, 2019 will have even more

Even good idea to look at the classes being passed around and see what heros you have in which classes and which ones you lack in


Well, seems only to wait for this one…

Hopefully it makes the game interesting for your again…and gratz for such a brilliant progress!

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Well maybe mortgage your home to get the shiny new heroes and see if you can them all up by the end of the year. :rofl:

Anyway, the goals that @Rigs mentioned are quite good.

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Or start another account and do evertything this time that you wish you’d done earlier the first time!


Its not a job

Take a short vacation from the game

This could be a while:

you can always start over. :joy:

Well what I do when I max out games is switch for 2-3 years and come back for the new content later.
It’s the best thing to re-experience an old golden game once again. And this one is def good one.