I feel flattered- Raid screen shot ( shout out to Blaaarggle_Blaa )

This showed up in my raid queue today. Needless to say, I got my tail kicked, but it was fun. I did manage to take out Sartana, Delilah, andThorne before I died, but S and T were resurrected on the last turn by Alberichdamnhim.

Thanks for the fun, @Blaaarggle_Blaa. When you come by to return the favor, the beer’s in the cooler.


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Isn’t that Alby on the wrong side? If you place himon the left then the ressed heroes fire right away if they have mana full.


Yes, but I definitely don’t complain when I see him in a suboptimal place in an opposing team. :wink:


If I were lucky enough to have him, he would be left flank or left corner, but that’s just me.

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We were interested. So were you or you wouldn’t have posted either. :stuck_out_tongue:


Who pissed in your cheerios?

40 year olds trying to roast :ok_hand::ok_hand::joy::joy::joy:

That you for the shout out! I’m the one that feels flattered.


Way to sound like a d.bag denys.

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