I don't understand for Wu's ability in raid

I don’t understand for Wu ability in importance time:
Hero attack show 70-100% missing attack.
Enemy attack show 90-100 completely attack.
Heroes and enemy difference to use Wu’ability in battle, it unfaired for battle.

Wu Kong is notoriously streaky in his misses and hits.

With the 32% your brain expect 2 hits, 1 miss, 2 hits, 1 miss.

Streaky random being streaky random gives you 10 misses, 3 hits. And you look at those 10 misses in a row and you think “?!?!?!”

And then the enemy gives you 6 hits in a row, destroys 2 or 3 heroes and you’re like “grrrr”.

Still, random being random and random being streaky, if you actually keep tabs over 100s of attacks, you’ll find out you’ll land at the 32% less accuracy.

But yeah, the streaks hurt. It’s why some players just don’t like Wu even when rationale dictates he’s very powerful. He is very powerful, just not always very reliable.


It is not.
Hero of mines was attacked 5 time, 2 hit, 3 miss and enemy was attacked the same time, 4 hit, 1 miss for every battle (3 time in same enemy).

You don’t need to take my word for it. The subject has been discussed before, and Wu is working as intended, proven, with statistics, even when it will at times appear that he’s totally off the scale. It’s an interesting read, starting from here: Was Wu Kong's special secretly nerfed? - #24 by NittanyLionRoar

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10 hits isn’t a good enough sample. Chart and generate 10,000 hits and we can BEGIN a reasonable talk.

Yep, 10 hits isn’t enough. But what do you think of @NittanyLionRoar 's test on 200 hits that resulted in 34,6% +/- 3,215% with a p-value of 0.121? Basically this means that there’s a 98.8% chance that his miss percent falls somewhere between 31.39% and 37.82%.

I think that’s sufficient statistical evidence. Sure if you generate and chart 10.000 hits you’d zero in even closer on the 32% and reduce the standard error even more, but a sample size of 200 already gets you well within the range with good reliability.


Wu Kong in raids on the other team makes me throw my phone at the wall

They literally NEVER miss with slash damage and I’m glad I’m not the only one that notices that

If I recall stats correctly, I think a p value of 0.121 means there’s a 12.1% chance that all his data is due to random chance and a 88.9% chance that the miss percentage falls between 31.39% and 37.82%. Pretty OK results still.

I just had a raid vs Wu on the enemy team and they missed their first 4 slash attacks on me. Totally turned the raid around.

@DMP it was a p-value of .0121, which means that is a 98.8% chance.

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Ahhh makes more sense, thanks for clarifying and WOW

10 hit sample?

If you flipped a coin and it was heads 7 times and tails 3 times… then gave the same coin to your friend and he flipped heads 3 times and tails 7 times… are you going to complain something is wrong with the coin and it is unfair?

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For statics to most missing attack in the emergency times was found.

What is happen the attack time ratio of the enemy (this player) : my hero is 2:1 every 3 round.
This enemy was continuoustly attacking fot 2 turn.
Hero 1 turn, enemy 1 turn, hero 1 turn, enemy 2 turn, hero 1 turn, enemy 2 turn, hero 1 turn, enemy 2 turn.

Yeah you see the number by the sword next to their health bar? That’s how many rounds til they attack. When it says 1 and the sword is on fire, they’re going to attack the next round… so in your case Magni and Panther will both auto attack on you next round. It’s how it’s always been, there’s nothing wrong.

The round after next you’ll get auto attacked 3 times because the 2’s will be ready to hit unless you kill them. Raiding 101…

Not say 1. It say 2 and after attack it say 1. In time the enemy attack again when this attacks is mine.

LMAO. I was well aware of the flaming swords and their meaning, but the numbers by the sword? I never even consciously noticed them until your post.

Just goes to show that even middle aged fools learn something new every day! :rofl: