I dont see any Clarissa in the tops ranking teams

Why is it? is she that bad?

The top raid teams are full of Tellurias, Gravemakers, drake fong, costumed joon, Finley.
Ursena shows very often , even i have spot Malosi.

But no Clarissa. Is that bad at defending ?

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Main reason is she is the same class as tel


Yeah, most people won’t have enough emblems left to take Clarissa to 5-6 tiers if they have a Telly at 18+. Give it time though and wait and see if it’s viable to run a different tank for wars other then Telly.


Adding to the reasons above:

  1. most top alliances are still using green war tanks (read Telluria) so emblems are in short supply… For now

  2. those alliances NOT using telly as tank may be hesitant to move the emblems because they’re so expensive to move around.


At the moment I have both Telluria and Clarissa in my defence team. Both at +7.
Telluria is pants in offence following the nerf and I did think of removing her emblems.
But that is costly and Telluria still works as a good defence tank

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