I don't receive rare hero


I don’t receive rare hero after the end of time in training camp. Please fix it and give it back.


What level of training camp do you have,? Did you recieve a lower level hero?


Training Camp (TC) 12, 13, and 20 give guaranteed 3*.

TC13 gives an additional chance at 4*, while TC20 gives a chance at both 4* and 5*. Only 3* are guaranteed.

Many tries at the 13 and 20 level are required to garner the higher level heroes.


It’s simple I understand. But my questions was about another thing - training camp 12 lvl require 2 days for *** hero and after 2 days i don’t received him. The clock is starting countdown 2 days for the next one. And I don’t receive any hero at all. Can you fix it?


Ah okay. If your game is glitched, you can contact Game Support to get it straightened out:


If you haven’t, I would be sure to click on the Training Camp to make sure it’s not holding your hero. :wink:


I can’t post a new topic yet so I will post this here as a question before being a request.
Do I get a reward for rating the game with 5 stars?
As I saw ingame request to rate the game with 5 stars for a great prize but I didn’t receive any thing after that yet. Is this normal?.
Sorry if this has nothing to do with the main topic but it is the very most topic talking about google play store and rating is part of it.
Also sorry I couldn’t find out how to pm you Rook

  1. If a new player tries to post a new thread, it may be approved by a Moderator.

  2. I do not believe there is a reward for rating the game 5*. (Please let me know if you discover otherwise!) :grin:

  3. As for reaching me…you’ll find a way. :wink:


Now back to the original topic! :wink: