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Hi so I have this problebem… The game is acting very weird yesterday I played tournament and the game just died it’s paused I couldn’t do anything than it reset itself… Witch was the reason I lost I also got 0 points and I managed to kill boril so I think there should be at least minimum points but that is not the reason i wright this! it happened now again in raid! I have v30 installed so I think it might be a bug and you should know… I also can’t really open the game now because it says connection lost witch can be as I am in the same room as my WiFi router? ( Sorry don’t know the English phrase for that lol) However all of my loses isn’t big deal it can happen but I’d like to play the game and can’t… With traven going on I can’t even try to do it because I could lost my strong heroes and after I wouldn’t be able to finish it that is what worries me. If anybody knows what it coul be or could fix it ill be happy! Have a nice day! :slight_smile:

Clear cache
Force stop app

Turn phone completely off for bout 10 seconds
Turn back on

If that doesn’t help

Try only having either wifi or mobile data on at a time. Idk why but havin both on has caused me issues in the past, as soon as i turned 1 completely off the game would work fine but with both on it would have issues like you described. May have just been coincidence but doesn’t hurt to try it if needed


I’ll try to turn off my phone I already cleared cache thank you for answering if it won’t work I’ll be back :smiley:

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Another thing is makin sure the game is stored on your phone and not on a sd card. Again maybe coincidence but helped.

If i run into issues, i start tryin whatever i can think of until somethin works. Not a techno savy guy, so no logic to my madness, just guesswork until the problem(s) go away


… you can try throwing your phone. :woman_shrugging:


Haha i turned off my phone seems to work really well so yeah totally useless topic now, something that I didn’t even think off but yeah throwing the phone was my first thought :thinking: :smiley:



It’s fixed

@Happykacaa glad it worked!