I dont get attacked by other peoples raids, never get to do revenge raids

I have noticed that since getting a new phone (galaxy note 8) i no longer am attacked in raids.

As a test I have put in a weak team as my defence team but still do not get attacked while offline, quite often offline for 12 hours or more with game closed. I have not collected from outpost so have lots of resources as loot to make it attractive.

Other guild members report being attacked all the time, even when offline for only an hour.

Please look into this. I am missing out on making revenge raids, used to enjoy that but can no longer partake in it.

My account is linked to google play account and is same email as my login for this forum. Character name is Nastashia Fatale.

Kind regards,
Sad player.

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Yikes. That doesn’t sound fun. Also sounds like something that shouldn’t be happening. Best thing to do is send in a ticket, so they can look into it for ya :slight_smile:


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Avicious, your Link is to the FAQ. (Thanks for posting it! Also helpful.)

To contact Game Support directly, click here:


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Being attacked while offline is run by the server.

A better test is to a) keep your watchtower full, b) put together your strongest team without a healer, riposte or spirit link, c) track your cups every time you log off for a long period of time.

If you are being attacked by others, you will lose cups. If you are losing cups between log in but not seeing it in your watchtower’s log, then there is a client side problem.

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Does this mean I “FAQ’ed” up?


I don’t know why I am laughing uncontrollably. Calling Medic! Somebody got “FAQ’ed”.:joy::joy::joy:




Do you go out and actively do raids??? It is after raiding when I get attacked alot! Hope that helps.

What version are you on? There’s several floating around right now, I think on some previous releases couldn’t attack between 1.8 and 1.9 (admittedly major release) but there may be something weird between say 1.9.0 and 1.9.2

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