I dont do mythic titan or ninja tower or challenge events

There is no point - am never going to get any good rewards because the whales who have 100 ninja heroes and the newest meta get all the best rewards - oooohhhnsome emblems in challenge event - they are giving out emblems like free candy now - EVERYTHING E AND P HAS DONE THIS PAST YEAR HAS BEEN HORRIBLE!


I suggest participating and getting the loot you can so you can build up to bigger and better. We aren’t all going to get in top ten percent in fact 90 percent os us won’t. I just try my best, get my loot and try get stronger knowing I will be mid table.


Disagree ı think the events are fine, rewards could be improved for free to play. The power creep is real with the heros though.


Do you remain unemployed in real life just because you’re not gonna earn as much as Bill Gates?

I completely understand that some events may be not that great for you, but you should remember you’re not the only player here. Ninja Tower is obviously a nod towards old players, who may be bored of the lack of challanges. As for challenge events - they offer you great rewards after finishing each difficulty. And I know that some of us would want to be number one from time to time, but it costs a lot of effort and money. Would you be mad if you couldn’t stay at Four Seasons Hotel just because you can’t afford it? We all deserve a little luxury, but real world doesn’t work that way and you can’t blame everyone around for your failure.

After all I hope you find a pleasure in this game. If not - maybe it’s time to quit.


Games thrive when whales play and disappear when the whales leave. There’s a reason no completely free, high quality games are in the play store. There are however a few bad games (low quality) a person can be very highly ranked in and have almost all the shiny toys; that is, if they want to watch a 30 second ad after every fifth move and watch more ads every 10 minutes to get more energy. Imho this game is very ftp friendly but will never be satisfying to anyone who expects to be at the top without spending a dime.


I never spent a dime and I’ve been at the top, once or twice… and I’m definitelly not alone… getting to the top is relatively easy, staying there is impossible for most players, especially free ones.


As a free to play type I have spent a large amount of time for the past three years on this game. Yes I have clawed and scraped my way to the top ten a couple of times. I have been in alliances where we have had a new player come in and drop 4000 US Dollars in the course of a single month and not understanding why they couldn’t break into the top thousand much less the top ten. I am only still here because of my friends in my alliance. I much prefer little giant’s other game because it is much better balanced.

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It’s a very odd view and approach. The world inherently isn’t fair but why cut off your nose to spite your face?

The top tier is a different game. Most players there you generally won’t mix with as the vast majority usually sit in the top alliances. So live and let live a bit.

Play the game your level can support and ignore the top.

But of course we all have a bit of envy. The very top has awesome looking rosters and we wants the preciousessss…yes we does.

But I’m not going to get a 2nd mortgage on my house to get there. I have a budget and I stick to it. It’s more than F2P and as such I have a roster that you probably would be envious of as well. Yet I am envious of those above me too.

The more I think the more ludicrous your rant sounds :joy: I can’t afford to fly first class so should I not go on holiday because of that?? I can’t afford to eat in a 3 Michelin star restaurant so should I not go out to eat?

Or should I accept that there are things I cannot have in life and just enjoy the life I can have?

If you enjoyed playing this game then nothing top players are doing stops you doing it.


And this is one of the threads I very much love to read, that is why I am in the forums. Love how the rant is being debunked or discredited by real life analogies.


Is this somehow not connected to life???

The model of this game isn’t a secret. So your choices are pretty simple. Accept it for what it is and get whatever enjoyment you can from it or play something else.

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Its like saying that you dont go to gym because there are other people who are already fit so you cant be best.

As many previously stated , if you don’t enjoy the game anymore, it’s time to walk away. No point in dwelling in something that makes you frustrated all the time.

Sure i have moments when I get upset with summons and cost of resources, when i complain about loot or OP heroes, but i still enjoy playing and this is what keeps me in the game.

My friend always says : if it doesn’t give you a spark, don’t do/get it


Ok! Your choice. I disagree, but then I value the emblem rewards.

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SG has ability to balance the game, but they won’t. There all sorts of issues. Like why are we individually being rewarded instead of as a team? Why are we not fighting a titan with other alliances of similiar score? Why show max damage to titan? How come all boards can’t be like the titan board with unlimited moves? I moved strictly to free play because I know my limitations. Just participating gives something you didn’t have and all you need do is attack once. Then if you dont like it, move on.

You’re just tricking yourself. This is what E&P has always been. Minor rewards for lots of work.

Play or don’t… but thinking that E&P has been 100% bad this year is wrong.

The challenge events this year have given us world energy flasks AND emblems, just for giving half a sht and trying. Better than it ever was. I personally use my event flasks for Atlantis Rises, which has been great.

The Mythic Titans are a fun addition, I don’t mind the Ninja tower-- gives me a reason to use all of my roster for once, even Legends doesn’t do that. The only thing that SG has done that has been 100% awful has been the Tavern of Dawa (Legends) and you know, I still play the damned thing because it’s something to do.

I get that you’re frustrated, but maybe you just need to adjust your expectations/perception.


I haven’t been doing ninja tower or challenge events … because I don’t want to.

That isn’t SGs fault. To their credit they’re putting a ■■■■ ton of content out there for players to enjoy. So we get to pick what we like, and do what we want. There’s even a path to grind - very long path - for some cool 5* heroes between TC20 and HA10.

I’ve still got some gripes with SG, and very much would like to see them find a way to incentivize new players to enjoy events.

But that isn’t to say there isn’t plenty for us to do and enjoy with our heroes.

(That said: rewards for these events you cited probably aren’t commensurate with the effort required to ‘complete’ them for a lot of players. So, I do get it on some level. But SG has made a lotta progress too hah)


But thats the point ins’t it? Free to play earn money to SG aswell and we are bored of never even having a chance to do well in the chalenges. I’m not even saying compete with the top players, I know that won’t happen, but I would be happy just being able to play an event like ninja tower at least more than half way through

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This I agree with I focus on what I can achieve for me in events its getting the energy flasks for atlantis without using to many resources, iv gone up a teir in rare and epic soo I get a bit more loot legendary I can sit comfortably to get the minimum teir for flasks. Thanks @JekylandHyde.
Ninja tower I’m doing what I can I doubt I can clear it at this stage but I do what I can to get a few extra bits of loot. Gotta be in it to win it a few emblems here and there all add up.


What is your level then? Ninja Tower was made for players that play long enough so other events are not challenging anymore. If anyone could finish it, it wouldn’t be a challenge for them.

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I am almost level 88 and I ignore the ninja tower.

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