I don't believe in luck in this game

Why doesn’t damascus come to me from everywhere? I can only get it in damascus quest

Let’s get together, I have the blades but no tomes…


If you don’t believe in luck, does that mean you believe in hardwork?

If yes, how many star in the titan you fought daily? Higher titan star will improve the rate of getting those AM.


11-12 * Titan we are cutting daily, but the game is persistent.Unfortunately, he even gives to the people he gives from the video

My version of bad luck:

Went into Knights of Avalon with a Black Knight 4/80+20.

Was pulling for Lady of the Lake.

Got 3 Black Knights and 3 Guineveres. No LofL.

The meta of the game has changed to the point where the Holy healer isn’t worth a whole bunch. I burned a chunk of change chasing like a dumbass. :persevere::persevere::persevere:

And other people are spending $$$$ like crazy trying the get BK but can’t get him.
RNG is brutal.

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And some other pulled a BK and hotM with a single token pull.
This game is indeed too random to be fair lol.

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