I don’t like friend invites


I’m sure v19 was released after this guy has quit, still I bumped into him while re-rolling…



Not sure if he has actually quit, just not in an alliance and hasn’t been active for several days.

I am wondering if you have to actually delete the game itself to not be shown as a player…I personally have seen players last active months ago showing up on alliance member rosters.

edit: and I know the game forces update after new versions have been rolled out, whether you opt to update or not.

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I guess you can fight him, since during the fight only your client interacts with the server (and you did the update).

If that guy ever comes back, he will have to update his client to get revenge (actually to connect to game …)

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Just did a random alliance search, found one with a zombie leader, shows last active 146 days ago, but on current version of game.



18 days? Much to long… No wonder he is not an alliance member… probably got kicked. Don’t think he plans to come back either…

Definitely true… browsing through alliances I found entire dead alliances with members inactive for hundreds of days… check out Darkness to light’s leader, Nessa… last active 603 days ago… I bet she is not on v19…

I think @Shohoku79 is talking about being unable to take revenge runs on people operating on different versions… but you are still able to raid them, I guess, I’m not sure…



He may have auto update and hasnt uninstalled the game



100 gems and VIP to invite a friend is pretty much charity work, I pass. I’m not that hard up for $5.98 to become a salesman for SGG. Plus, think of all the questions the friends will ask you about the game. Definitely not worth dealing with all that.



Eh same questions i answer pretty regularly anyways plus u can copy a link and post it somewhere that random people can click to join. Not like you have to individually invite people. 0 work in my opinion but people can put a negative spin on everything i guess

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An “ultra-meh feature”. I couldn’t be less interested, except for the development time required… that could have been invested in more necessary and important improvements/issues/news.

I can live with it, anyhow.

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I also won’t participate. I’ve seen this in too many games. They build a great player base, draw decent revenue and then get greedy. Now, with Emblem buying, they are going to kill this game completely.



I saw it as free greens and vip. Took me no time. Plus the dragon on castle can be changed to gold instead of green or purple.