I don’t like friend invites


I heard that it was a requested option. By players. Not a move of desperation


Exclusive Avatar

Gryphonkit, my wife, is a completist. She is pissed. As a reward for inviting me, and EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. (emphasis hers) of her other friends to join her in spending IAP in Empires, she is now prevented from getting an exclusive avatar since these invite systems are not retroactive.

Bernie Madoff all over again

Even if Gryphonkit gets the avatar, it is a low-grade pyramid scheme due to the “invite new people with this link, must reach level 10”.

Since it is a pyramid scheme, it encourages dummy account creation to get the exclusive avatar which increases server cost unless the company does a dead account purge. This additional server storage cost increases overhead and dilutes many affective forms of deep learning and data mining that Small Giant Games is very good at monetizing.

Retroactive version

Book of Heroes got around this by adding a friends list - rewards at 1,5,10 friends who reached level 10- that allowed accounts to be on multiple friends lists preventing it from being a pyramid scheme.

Human factors

Niantic’s Ingress still has a lot of bitter people since it is a pyramid scheme ( their reward was a tiered badge), every time an invited player meets the criteria, the buggy invite software does not always credit it.

Additionally, friends will accidentally join- after being invited- without the invite code and “waste” the invite.


Fair enough: Gryphonkit has reason to be annoyed, as does anyone else who really wants that avatar and has already invited all their friends.


I dont see myself inviting anyone either but I dont see the big deal.

My friends and sister have invited me to sign up for obnoxiously overpriced fashion/cosmetic sites in the past just so they could get major discounts or store credit. I’ve signed up, ordered then cancelled and they all still got their rewards from it. Atleast SG isn’t making your friend spend money before you get the reward

  • SGG want for players to approach this game
  • Players want to play with friends

Players were suggesting friends to play the game for free, now they can have 10 days of a free V.I.P. pass. This in not desperation or anything, many other games gives benefits for inviting other players to the game.

Nothing new under the sun.


I think it’ll be too easy to make alts and take advantage of free gems and vip


Though you can only do it three times (as far as has been announced) — that is, you get one free summon, one month of VIP and a golden dragon avatar if all three go through to 10th level… Is that worth the pain of setting up a bunch of alts? Or are there more rewards after the first three?


It seems like a Giant waste of time and energy on the part of the devs instead of working on actual game play…let’s just drop a lil carrot for all the dummies to chew on…


If u wanna make 3 alts and get them to level 10 just to get 30 day vip pass then be my guest


Invites cost nothing , gives rewards instead , it is hard to figure out why the complaints .


I don’t like… lamp.


Good!!! The sooner they leave the sooner I’ll be able to raid them without fearing revenge runs!:sunglasses:


Advertising is the core of every business, and reward customers to do it for you is a common strategy you can find pretty much everywhere (a little different, but it comes to my mind business models such as Herbalife)

Just ignore it if you don’t like to make the human banner (just like me)


Can we pay 100 gems to disinvite players or have them banned from the forum /game/your Alliance

That might be received well



This was a request from many players who play other games and get rewards for inviting friends. I am sure the devs looked at the idea and the number of people asking for this, realized it was a good marketing opportunity, and went with it.

There is nothing forcing anyone to do this, and nothing penalizing you if you don’t.

I don’t understand why all the complaints…….just doesn’t seem like an issue.


Would take bout 2 days to do all 3. And there’s not a limit. Used to play 5 accounts daily, autofarm makes it easy and non time consuming unless u care about actually progressing


2 days or just spend 6$

You can literally work minimum wage for an hour and have more than enough so again

Only crazy people will abuse this


Free is free. And it depends on how many accounts, dont forget the free gems that come with the 10 days of free vip lol

I dont see any cap on it unless i misread(does only show 3 rewards, but doesnt say for sure that’s the cap)

@Petri is 3 the limit?


I’ve never been so enraged over an update!

Invite friends?!?! Get a reward for it?! NO THANKS!

This kind of blatant optional feature is why so many people in other alliances talk about leaving! What am I just supposed to go through my friends list and send them invites now because the option is there and that means I have to?

I don’t plan on spamming my friends for SG profit, but because this feature is here I guess I have to… thanks for making me spam, SG! I’ll be lucky if I even have friends after this!


Until you start getting game app updates, then you won’t even see them in your raid list any more.