I don’t like friend invites



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Can you change the title to: “I don’t like friend invites”?
Or “I don’t have friends to invite” if you prefer :slight_smile:


Nbdy is forceing anybody to do anything.
Is a nice managment thing if ya think about it.
Ofc they want more ppl to play it and they found a way so that old players can enjoy some benefits out of this.
Hence i start playing i made i think 12 ppl to start playing this game and ppl will start playing this with or without invitation.
So would it be that bad of a thing for the old players to benefits from this?


+1 do not like the invites.


Done :genie:‍♂

Twenty Changeristics


for f2p is a way to get more gems > 👨‍👨‍👦‍👦 Guide help: Invite friends: How much time does it take to get to level 10 as f2p and best way to reach it the fastest?


Then don’t invite anyone…There that is taken care of


its a way to get more players (at least numbers), especially when the “targeted age players” kind of reaches its limit in time.

also it is possible Zynga wrote in the buying contract some bonuses$$$ for limit player breakage :smile:


In response to the new title, I don’t like them either.


This game’s population is large enough that there will always be a vocal minority available to complain about any and each change to the game.

My guess here is that they don’t want to be salespersons for this game, so they will not earn these gems, and their ethical choice puts them at a disadvantage. For some this tickles the injustice radar, making it a not so trivial thing for them as you present it.

I, on the other hand, feel perfectly free to ignore the incentive and move on.


In my opinion it´s a nice reward (1200 gems+ vip perks) and a cute avatar.
The game has already some pop-ups which you can just click away…
At least this time I can get something out of my alt account…


I heard that it was a requested option. By players. Not a move of desperation


Exclusive Avatar

Gryphonkit, my wife, is a completist. She is pissed. As a reward for inviting me, and EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. (emphasis hers) of her other friends to join her in spending IAP in Empires, she is now prevented from getting an exclusive avatar since these invite systems are not retroactive.

Bernie Madoff all over again

Even if Gryphonkit gets the avatar, it is a low-grade pyramid scheme due to the “invite new people with this link, must reach level 10”.

Since it is a pyramid scheme, it encourages dummy account creation to get the exclusive avatar which increases server cost unless the company does a dead account purge. This additional server storage cost increases overhead and dilutes many affective forms of deep learning and data mining that Small Giant Games is very good at monetizing.

Retroactive version

Book of Heroes got around this by adding a friends list - rewards at 1,5,10 friends who reached level 10- that allowed accounts to be on multiple friends lists preventing it from being a pyramid scheme.

Human factors

Niantic’s Ingress still has a lot of bitter people since it is a pyramid scheme ( their reward was a tiered badge), every time an invited player meets the criteria, the buggy invite software does not always credit it.

Additionally, friends will accidentally join- after being invited- without the invite code and “waste” the invite.


Fair enough: Gryphonkit has reason to be annoyed, as does anyone else who really wants that avatar and has already invited all their friends.


I dont see myself inviting anyone either but I dont see the big deal.

My friends and sister have invited me to sign up for obnoxiously overpriced fashion/cosmetic sites in the past just so they could get major discounts or store credit. I’ve signed up, ordered then cancelled and they all still got their rewards from it. Atleast SG isn’t making your friend spend money before you get the reward

  • SGG want for players to approach this game
  • Players want to play with friends

Players were suggesting friends to play the game for free, now they can have 10 days of a free V.I.P. pass. This in not desperation or anything, many other games gives benefits for inviting other players to the game.

Nothing new under the sun.


I think it’ll be too easy to make alts and take advantage of free gems and vip


Though you can only do it three times (as far as has been announced) — that is, you get one free summon, one month of VIP and a golden dragon avatar if all three go through to 10th level… Is that worth the pain of setting up a bunch of alts? Or are there more rewards after the first three?


It seems like a Giant waste of time and energy on the part of the devs instead of working on actual game play…let’s just drop a lil carrot for all the dummies to chew on…


If u wanna make 3 alts and get them to level 10 just to get 30 day vip pass then be my guest