I don’t like friend invites

When you reward players for invite; it’s the most desperate and annoying ploy! It cheapens the product you have made. You got my money, so the joke is on me, but this reeks of desperation!


Yeah, kind of agree, it’s a bit off for me too

Yeah agree i wont even bother doing it lolz…

Not gonna do it neither I wouldn’t give free advertising for a game that is having a mass exodus of players.

Yeah I know we get rewards but we’ve been their done that and still waiting for ascension items …same old same old

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I have some great news! If you’d like to ignore the incentive to invite others to join the game, then you can. That’s exactly what I plan to do and it seems like some of the previous posters plan to follow suit.

Or if you’d prefer to take advantage of the offer and invite others to join, then you can do that instead.

Seems like there’s no losing option, literally no downside whatsoever. Why does this bother anyone?


It won’t matter as long as they don’t have it constantly flashing up in front of me every time I open the game.

Its easy enough to avoid from seeing. I dont see how its anywhere near “killing the game.” This seems like a dramatic reaction. Where is the proof that this game is having a mass exodus?


Perhaps the game would do better if we had a mass exodus of doomsdayers from the forum?


Sometimes things can get a bit over the top in the forum. People often exaggerate for effect. I’ve regularly been guilty of that myself.

But I think titling a thread, “You just killed the game”, when the complaint is about a new pop up encouraging players to invite their friends, might take the cake.

Congratulations, OP: you are the Queen of Hyperbole.



Twenty #rc830


Can you change the title to: “I don’t like friend invites”?
Or “I don’t have friends to invite” if you prefer :slight_smile:


Nbdy is forceing anybody to do anything.
Is a nice managment thing if ya think about it.
Ofc they want more ppl to play it and they found a way so that old players can enjoy some benefits out of this.
Hence i start playing i made i think 12 ppl to start playing this game and ppl will start playing this with or without invitation.
So would it be that bad of a thing for the old players to benefits from this?

+1 do not like the invites.

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Done :genie:‍♂

Twenty Changeristics


for f2p is a way to get more gems > 👨‍👨‍👦‍👦 Guide help: Invite friends: How much time does it take to get to level 10 as f2p and best way to reach it the fastest?


Then don’t invite anyone…There that is taken care of


its a way to get more players (at least numbers), especially when the “targeted age players” kind of reaches its limit in time.

also it is possible Zynga wrote in the buying contract some bonuses$$$ for limit player breakage :smile:

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In response to the new title, I don’t like them either.

This game’s population is large enough that there will always be a vocal minority available to complain about any and each change to the game.

My guess here is that they don’t want to be salespersons for this game, so they will not earn these gems, and their ethical choice puts them at a disadvantage. For some this tickles the injustice radar, making it a not so trivial thing for them as you present it.

I, on the other hand, feel perfectly free to ignore the incentive and move on.


In my opinion it´s a nice reward (1200 gems+ vip perks) and a cute avatar.
The game has already some pop-ups which you can just click away…
At least this time I can get something out of my alt account…

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