I do not understand why do this?


Ok I do you understand why the game developers don’t fix the problems that players are talking about first before doing this

Fix the other problems first please! Like ascending stuff glitch’s complaints ect…
Hope the screenshot worked


It’s my understanding that the Devs are working on many things at once; new items coming down the pike like new events, Alliance Wars, etc., and other issues such as you have mentioned. If you have a specific concern, please search for an existing thread on that topic or start a new one on a new topic, and voice that concern in detail so other players can answer you or join in. :slight_smile:


Yeah I did see the others lol what I put on here thank you rook!


Heh…I have my list of pet projects too. I want mine done first! :grin:

Ah well, we all stand in the same line. :wink: Don’t worry, they’ll get there.