I do not understand explain to me this situation

I do not understand explain to me this situation! in the raid and why the enemy team is big in strength and I will win only 16 cups

Because you are higher in the rank. Look at your cups and his. Is such system fair? Kind of. Only I think team power also should be included in points calculation.

it turns out the raids are combed out of the cups and not from the strength of the team? I understand correctly ? this is not right because it is clear from the force that I will lose.

By strength I am stronger and there is no point in fighting

I am weaker in strength

Yes but only by 20 points, I would consider that an easy match.


Yes you understood correctly. Such system we have. Now I have 4000+ team and I can not complain. But when I had 3600 team and 4000+ team was beating me with 40+ points then was not fun.

If you don’t like a match-up, or the rewards for a match-up, roll again. There is no reason to take a raid you don’t see a good chance of winning, particularly when (as in this case) the cups you could win are small, the cups you could lose are large, and there’s not a big pile of food and iron.

Do you have any other 4* heroes maxed, or nearly maxed? I wouldn’t bring Hu Tao to this raid if I had a choice, given that the opponent has no purples. Double blue would be nice to counter his double red. He has also made a strategic error placing Kashhrek off-center, which opens up the left flank for abuse.


thanks for the explanation . I just could not understand how the round is going in the cups or the strength of the team on this question.

@Olgavit, the only thing considered in raid matches, is cup count. Absolutely nothing else, not team power. You can match against any opponent that is within +/- 300 cups of you.

Also the cup count you can win or lose, is based on the relative cup count between you and your opponent - if you have more cups than your opponent, you will gain less on a win than you would lose on a loss. And vice versa. Team power isn’t factored into any of this whatsoever. It’s all about cup counts.

@Kerridoc had some good advice, if a raid match doesn’t look winnable, or just doesn’t seem worth it as far as risk/reward, then simply re-roll for another opponent.

Edit: re-roll as long as the food cost of that is not a problem for you…