I do NOT like the new AW matching system!

Opponent #1 : alliance score 95500. (12000 more than us!)
15 members over level 30. We have (had) 9.
29 members to our 27.
Their lowest level player was L21. Our lowest was L16.

And then we lost one of our best players due to loss of interest in this game.

Opponent #2: alliance score 94755. (11700 more than us.)
18 members over level 30. We now have 8.
Their average level is 30.7, ours is 26.8.
Both alliances have 29 members.
Their lowest level player is L23. We have 3 L23, and 4 below that.

I much prefer the last system, where we were pitted against alliances in a closer alliance score range.


I agree. Our previous match ups were always much closer. More fair equals more fun!


Our alliance has several members with teams under 3 k, our opponent has one. We have always held our own in war, win or lose. We are out gunned this time, but will fight on. The new algorithms are not working correctly, what can we do to bring about change.


Is it possible to be barred from alliance wars? An alliance member claims that

The whole matching system sucks. Previisuly my alliance won every time. Now we lost first big and are down big again. Every opponents defense is 3300+. We have several that are 2500 -2800.

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So not to go all Brobb on you, but you were ok when the matches were lopsided in your favor and you won every time, but now that other alliances are on that side of it, it’s hideously broken and needs immediate changes?


if Developers would listen to the fans and DUMP the revenge arrows the new match up would be fine as is.


If you dump arrows the game becomes team wipe city. It already is at higher levels. Both teams have to deal with arrows–it’s just fine and it makes things different.

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Hey, E&P, listen to these complaints! I am really upset at you…you’ve taken a lot of my money as I’ve tried to level up to have 2 or even 3 team to over 3k…and I finally have two around 3200 now. Yet you pitch us against a team that HAS to average 3300 or 3400 a side. I am in the top 6 or 7 of our alliance. If our next war is as unbalanced as these first 2 back have been, you will not get another penny from me.

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And we did NOT win all the time…we had at least 4 or 5 losses…we won because we have very close to 100% participation and we work strategies to pick off opponents. I honestly do not know if we were a lot stronger than the teams we beat. We had several close wars (<100 points), and we lost one of those and think we win 2 or 3. However, these first 2 ers back, we didn’t have a chance in he’ll of winning.


Teams are sandbagging. Some teams over 3k power have no raid trophy. Does this affect matchmaking? I think it is unbalanced.

Alliance’s wars should actually be banned they are matching alliances up unfairly .Seriously guys if you can’t match us all up fairly then you should give us an opt out button you are killing what was once a great game .It’s absolutely ridiculous matching .changing rules all the time isn’t fair lots of us pay goid money go enjoy this game and you guys are taking the fun out of it .It’s becoming a binder

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Tend to agree. I can handle -300 in raids, but no chance with that revenge.

It’s already wipe city, except the team with avg 3200 will wipe 2700 average 3 times it’s a bs matching system. We were 9-6 under old system and soon 0-2 now. And not even close 4135-1785 first war. Took away the 1 1* hero bit so now opponents get minimum 99 points from every level 12-20 player. Since 33 is gauranteed with all 1*s we play fair and just post best defenses, giving opponent 120-160 for every noob. Virtually handing opponents 1600 points off jump street.

Then they use first teams to kill our first teams. Its ridiculous.

The thing with the revenge arrows is they make up for the team members you killed off. So when planning your attack it’s not as simple as you got a 3600 power team and your opponent has a 3600 team and you’re equally matched. You have to deal with extra power boost provided by the arrows…a real mystery number BTW. So what I have done in my last war is instead of sending my 3600 team after the opponents top team I have to go after a team that is 300 or -400 from my team power for a guaranteed win.

Its turn based. You could kill 0 off and experience revenge. I believe it is 7,6 5,4 turns depending on how many heroes are left. 5,4,3,2

After u changed the AW, the match up became so skewed. My team is being matched up against another team with 20k trophies more than us, twice. My team was wiped, twice, with almost 500 battle points in difference. Previously, we won some and lost some which was more fair.


It is wildly presumptuous of you to assume so. Under the previous matching mechanism, the alliance score of our opponent closely mirrored our own. I would say no more than 3000 more than us. The greatest difference was 6000, in the opponent’s favor. However, our Titan score was merely 500 points below theirs.

Edit-my apologies. Your remark wasn’t aimed at me. I’m sorry I got defensive.

You’re #8, Hokie! Not that anyone is taking notes, or anything. Oh, wait…