I do not get the right and real power for my troop.s


The seriver keeps controling my troops power. I do not get my troop real power it is borring and cheating. We are not stupid …i know . you think we are stupid because we paid money for this game. Yes we are. But we still know the deffrence when you reduce the power.


My guy

You got level them up to get the shown power

The troops that are shown is what you get when you reach the maximum level


@Denys has it right. Like heroes, troops have to be leveled up to reach their full strength. This training happens in the Barracks, which you build by converting one of your existing level 5 buildings (most use a forge).

When you pull a troop, you get a level 1 version, e.g.

Feeding lots of other troops and food to this base improves it (slowly). Here’s that same troop at level 8: