I do not get heroes or materials

We kill all the titans and it doesn’t give me materials and in the summons I feel excluded from the possibilities of getting the heroes, am I not worth anything as a player for this game???

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You do not pay enough.

Can you please give us more details about the titans that you kill, how long in between getting 4-star or other great mats, and how many summons you do and how often?

With RNG, some players can have a streak of bad luck (or good luck), but to know if you’re particularly unlucky, you need to have an understanding of the “norm.”

For examples, if you have only done 100 (or even 200) pulls, then it’s not that unusual for you to not get a 5-star. But if it’s 500, that’s a different story. For titans, I’ve been hitting 11-14 star titans but have only gotten one 4-star mat in 5 months of playing. But I have gotten 3-star unfarmable mats about 50% of the them (and have gotten 2 from the 14 star titans).

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Spend more on gems, do more summons. You will have many 3* heros.


$100 is definitely a substantial amount of money (my monthly budget is only $20). That works out to be 70 to 110 summons. Have you not gotten any 5-stars at all (even Season 1 ones) when you spend $100 for many months?

Unfortunately because of the low chance for 5-stars, it is fairly common to do 100 summons (and therefore $100) and not get a five star. It does mean you’re unlucky but not outrageously. There are many who have gone 200 or 300 without one. But it seems that it’s often in waves. 200 with no 5-stars but then 10 5-stars in the next 200.

If it’s been many months for you, maybe reduce your spending, so you expect less, and hopefully be pleasantly suprised with lucky results.

Good luck!

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I feel the same. Spent money went into the summons only to get 3 star heros. 6 summons so sad


Not getting 4-star mats from titans in months is pretty common based on my experience and those of my alliance mates (some of whom always score at least A’s on 14 star titans).

I actually think it’s a good idea if your budget is $100 to spend $5 to buy the ascension materials so you can actually use the heroes you have. It’s guaranteed vs just the chance for with summons.

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