I didn't get my order!

Hello. I made a purchase of a “gift from Rudolph”, the money was written off from the account, but the gift itself did not come. Please help.

This might help:

Same here, made a purchase, said VIP pass and 5 life flasks, nothing

Salve ho fatto un ordine di 32,99 per il pacchetto festività natalizia di oggi… La ricevuta del pagamento è arrivata ma il pacchetto no!

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This is really getting old now… Did not receive my last order… Transaction went through to my bank as a debit but received no order

11:09pm 12/20/2018

Same here!
I didn’t get my order!!+

These need to be reported in support tickets. This forum is mainly managed by other players and not SG employees. Sadly, that means no one here can assist :worried: Each player should submit an in-game support ticket. Hope this helps!

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Well I bought special offer 200 gems +suprise but there were only gems and my alliance friends received gold tokens. There was no info that there is a chance for extra reward but gems + extra reward which I didn’t get and I bought 4 offers

Please help me. I cant get my order. I spend my last allowance to purchase this… pls… do something… thank you

You should submit a support ticket through the app. I’m just a fellow player, I don’t work for SGG :slight_smile:

And the staff don’t tend to monitor the forum for account issues very closely, they’re much better about responding to tickets submitted directly through the game app.

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To reiterate what has been said previously in this thread my @zephyr1 and myself, please submit an in-game support ticket for these issues. Technical issues cannot be handled via the forums as this is mainly monitored by other players such as yourselves.

Again, SG staff can be contacted using a support ticket. They are the only ones that can look into your account.

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You need to buy all five of the basic offers from the Winter Fun 26-30 offer before it gives you the option to buy the mystery offer.

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