I didnt get my loot in mithic titan

Still waiting my loot from the m. Titán l want It now l have spend so much items

Mine took a while, toggling between the Quest screen and the Stronghold screen eventually triggered it.

Cant see the full loot, seem we have a new dev :rofl:

Does anyone know whether they have changed the rewards? Last time I had a lower score, I didn’t use almost any items and the rewards were good, now I uploaded a higher score, I used more items, a better placement and I got almost nothing … This game probably goes nicely into …

Mine seems off as well…emblems don’t appear to have shown but just like the last Mythic Titan recent activity disappeared again so I can’t actually check…

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Took some time, but heres mine.

There was a bug last time where some people who got low scores got loot in much higher tier than they should have. They have fixed it this time round, possibly you were affected by that?

Also more people possibly tried this time round and developed better strategy/ matched up against this colour titan better meaning a higher score may have been needed

30 wizard emblems from mystic vision - why does that never happen to me lol

Last time I was also twice the top1% as now … Simply misleading in rewards … shame

Lol. Of all things you can see in that screenshot, you noticed that emblem loot from MV. I think I’ve only gotten twice of 30 blems from MV. Never got the 50 though.

And hey, I thought you retired from the forums. Welcome back. Miss you, bud…

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I think it is reasonably rare. I’ve gotten 20 emblems from mystic vision twice I think and I’m not convinced by my memory on #2.

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