I did not receive the new update


My alliance got the new update however I did not receive one. Neither did one of my alliance members.


We will all get it, have a little patience.:yum:


My husband got his my daughter got hers. So as patient as I want to be it’s frustrating


I have iOS; the last time I didn’t get the update, i was told to go into the AppStore, at the top, press/hold and swipe down, and the App Store would refresh. Not sure if this will help, but maybe worth trying.

(I just did it for mine to appear.)


A member got his I didn’t yet just check ur updates or for me sometimes I can’t play till I. Update


I got the update but it didn’t work and it is no longer available


Oh man that stinks! Maybe get ahold of support?


One member of my alliance got his update on Monday; the others are still waiting. Something must be really wrong.


Double check your version (it shows on the load screen, and in the game menu Options>About. If it still says 1.8, and you can’t find the update in Google Play/Game Center, then send a message to Small Giant Support

I updated but it didn't work

Honestly, I’m not even sure the new version rolls out at the same time globally. There is often a difference in release times between Android and Apple, and I think I’ve even seen differences with iphones vs ipads too. I didn’t think the update went live as early as Monday though. I know one of my alliance members had an old minor update from last week sitting around and thought it was the 1.9 update.

The solution Rook posted just above about refreshing the app store has helped a lot of people.


He has definitively 1.9 - we cannot see his heroes anymore. The problem also occurs with Apple and Android devices. And I stopped counting how often I’ve refreshed the Google Playstore and looked for an updated version of it.


Last I checked not everyone in our group has the update. I only got access to it about 2 hours ago. So I wouldn’t be concerned just yet. Could you pop up an update in 24 hours?