I did not get AETHER

We won the last Alliance war and in the loot I got a yellow aether but it did not registered on the reward or on my hero limit break. I know is new and it is a bug so please fix it

It is random as everyone else in the game.
Several players experience the same:

Some of them posted this here:

I am not sure that is it an expected possible outcome or not…

It is not the issue here, I understand that the loots are random but in my case the loot showed a yellow aether plus other things but when I click a max yellow hero it shows that I have 0

You need to check it in your inventory.
Menu < inventery < materials < limit break.

It’s next to ascension materials .
New one.

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Nope it was not there but it showed up during the weekend, probably something got adjusted

Aethers are already very rare and with very few sources where to find them.
It is already frustrating.
Not receoving nothin from one of the few sources looks like a mockery.

Please fix it and restore the full lot.
@Petri @KiraSG @Guvnor

I’m not seeing a bug here. It’s not guaranteed loot.

Here’s a similar thread


It is now the 4th war after LB and including teammates’s loot I have seen at least 50 loots.
Aether are never missing.
Where did you read that it is not guaranteed?

Many players are already annoyed by LB.
I can understand a random Aether, it’s the nornality.
But no Aerith at all must be a bug.
It just make me think about following the many friends who have left.

I already checked the other topic and it not the same.
The OP says that he receided the Aether but than he didn’t find it.

Second post has your answer

I haven’t seen anything that says it is guaranteed.

The description says it all. It can be a possibility. It doesn’t state that you will be guaranteed to get one. Unfortunately, that’s how rng goes.

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Just a player; can’t fix anything.

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I’ve yet to receive one from war loot. It’s not guaranteed.

i had the same thing this war, i didn’t know it was possible.

true but it can be interpreted as “no Aethers for defeat” since defeat has its loot too (i don’t know about draws)

Aethers are too rare to be even possibly missed on a victory, definitely needs to be revised if it was intended and i hope SG puts a statement on it wheatear it is intended or not

No aether from my war victory today and no aether in my 100% war chest.

SGG, you are un-f’ing-believable.

The odds, draws and appearance rate for the war loots and war chest were not published, so we can only assume those sources were not guaranteed! Perhaps SG should publish the appearance rate for them!

However. For the tournament, it was clearly published, only the last two bottom loot tiers would not have at least one Aether., since they have no draw for Aethers. The top 5 loot tiers can be said to be guaranteed that they will contain atleast one Aether.


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