I did it! :-) + Need help on 2nd rainbow team for titan hits+++! Thank you!

Good afternoon all,

I finally did it!!! I fully ascended a pretty kick -ss rainbow all-purpose team! Grimm - Caedmon - Boldtusk - Rigard - Wu Kong. Thank you all once again for your feedback on a previous thread helping me put this team together.

I now come forth calling upon your collective wisdom once more. Here are my new set of questions (I apologize in advance… what can I say, I need a lot of help):

  1. My next goal is to fully ascend a second rainbow team to be able to double down on the weak color for titan hits? (e.g. wu kong + wilbur + 2x weak color of titan + whatever) Who should I fully ascend next in each color? I’ve got limited mats so I want to make sure I use them wisely. I’m thinking wilbur and proteus are given as soon as I have the mats. But who are my #2 in the 3 other colors? Danzeburo, Sonya, Melendor? I really don’t know.

  2. Who else should be my priority after in each color? I’d like a bench of 6 teams for AW down the road. I’ve laid them out in the order I currently plan on leveling up. (i.e. for purple after I take Sabina to 3/60, I’m going to work on Proteus/Cyprian/Ameonna/2nd Rigard in that order)

  3. Is my #1 Team still the best combo based on the heroes I have? Any hero I got recently that could dethrone some of them? Also, are they strong enough to face the upcoming Christmas events and Knights of Avalon (advanced)?

  4. What the heck do I do with Aegir and Zimkitha after I take them to 2/60, with the ascensions items I have, is it worth taking them to 3/70 in preparation of 4/80? I’m getting close with 4 scopes but I’m not sure he should be my first 5 star I take all the way.

  5. My current defense team set-up for AW is: Grimm - Caedmon - Boldtusk - Rigard - Wu Kong. Could I do better? I assume once I take a second yellow to 4/70 I could exchange Wu Kong as he isn’t great for defense?

Thank you thank you thank you!!!

Next: Wilbur, Proteus, Gretel, Sonya, Melendor

After that Zim-kitty if you have the rings, Falcon if you don’t. Sabina, Chao, Aegir to 3/70 unless you get Kiril first, and Gadeirus


Thanks for the feedback. It’s pretty aligned with what I thought.

I had Danza ahead of Chao for team 3 but it’s because he looks so cool and fun… but Chao seems more practical and predictable. Curious though why Gadeirus in front of Little John?

At max, Gad is more durable, and he makes the rest of your team better. LJ hits like a truck…eventually…if he lives that long.

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10-4. Thanks for clarification. I don’t know these 2 heroes much but I know some folks are pretty high on LJ.

So Sonia’s worth the capes? They are better spent on her than giving them to Aegir? Just doing a final check as I’ll give them to her today. Same for Gretel, worth the Orbs or should I wait for better 2nd hero in that color?

My priority is titan hits at this point, quests for mats and alliance wars. I care less about raids… other than dropping a bit with my 2-3rd string team, then revenge to open up chests.

Also, any thoughts on the best set-up for my defence team in alliance wars?

Thanks all!!!

Assuming lack of feedback = good plan :+1:

Mats going to Sonya, Melendor, Wilbur, Proteus, Gretel for their last levels. Starting tonight with Sonya.

What’s my best defense once I get that 2nd team maxed?

Grimm - Melendor - Boldtusk - Rigard - Gretel ? Seems like an annoying team to go up against with 3 healers in AW.

After that, lots of patience for new mats, then Zim-kitty/Falcon, Sabina, Chao, Aegir/Kiril if I get him, Gadeirus.

Thanks NPNKY for your feedback.

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