I did it! I went all the way!

I finished the normal mode of the halloween event.

With this team.

I’m so happy. :slight_smile:


Congratulations! That’s a great start to the Halloween event on day 1 itself.


Great job saph…


Amazing!!! Congratulations!!! You are @Saphirra the Speedy & Skilled!!!:bouquet:


Congratz, great job :slight_smile: I always tried my best, no matter if my teams were too weak and often I managed it :slight_smile: some alliance mates called me crazy, I took that as a compliment :smiley: I like that fighting spirit :smiley: and even if I think you have a better team, that’s an inspiration for all players with similar heroes! Edit: lvl 22? Okay, might be the best team then^^


I would bet that you have a stronger team. It’s so cool that you were creative enough to do it with a three star team. Kudos ! :pirate_flag::pirate_flag::pirate_flag:


Here’s your cookie…


Thank you all for your praise and boosting of spirits.

i used about 4 flask i had been saving up. Lol.

thx. :slight_smile: that to me is the second best compliment i can get is being called crazy

actually, this is my best team i got. I did just get Gobbler from atlantis, but i Just got him, so he’s not on the team yet. :slight_smile:

why thank you. I love cookiessss. Yum yum!


No offense, this is a really great team, I like them all a lot :slight_smile:


none taken. I love them too. I’ve taken on a lot with them. sure i wouldn’t mind having a 4 or 5*, but i really love this team, and how they work together. I’ve been working on them for awhile, bonding with them. they each have pet names to me. :slight_smile: Edit: more like titles.


This would have and could have been the team I’d be rolling in with, had I started playing later than I did. The fact that they were emblemed definitely helped. Not to take anything away from your obviously wonderful achievement, the mana charge on the bomb tile matches probably also helped a lot too, since every time you match is a mana replenish for you to keep sniping (Tyrum/Bane/Azar), debuffing (Ulmer), and Healing/Cleansing (Belith) away.

Morlovia of last year was incidentally also the first seasonal event I finished on both Normal / Advanced and this mana amped event might have been very similar to the Magic Nights of the Atlantis Levels (which were released approximately the same time last year), except there are no one-turn / damage half handicaps.

Way to go and glad you were able to make it through.


Just out of curiosity:
Do you have Brienne in your roster ?

they definitely did help! but they hindered on a few too, since i didn’t keep a close enough eye on them, and had 5 blow up at the same time, killing a weakened hero. needless to say, i had to redo that one again. :slight_smile:

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yes, she is, but not fully leveled. :slight_smile:

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Congrats! I’ve been doing Normal difficulty with this team myself, just to make it more interesting. Though it’s quite a bit more emblemed than yours :slight_smile:

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Congrats!! I’m sure it gives you a great sense of accomplishment! :blush:

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Hey!! that looks like a guy in my revenges i keep doing. the team looks very close. lol. :slight_smile:

thank ya’ll much.

yes, indeed it does


congratulations … keep the hard work…

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thank you…I’ll try, but i make no promises. :wink:

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Excellent, well done you :+1:

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