I did a daily x10 summons and only got 6

Has this happened to anyone else? To make it worse 5 of the 6 were 1 star. No troops

Hi @Ham88

Did you check in your recent activity to confirm the summons pulls?n You can check this by going to the “options” icon, pop into the middle tab and click on 'recent activity" tab.

Was your intention to pull the normal summons?

Please provide a screenshot, this could potentially assist in resolving your issue.

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The activity tab will only show 3* and above unfortunately.


Hence me asking if his intention was to do a daily summons 10 pull.

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Of course that sucks. But to give you one good advice: Never spend gems on daily summon again. ever.

It’s just a total waste of gems. 1200 gems for what… 10 feeder heroes and tiny percentage for a 3 star hero (that usually becomes another feeder hero, once you progress in the game)? Better save your gems for atlantis, valhalla or event summons.


Do not waste for daily summons.
Save gems for better portal summon, like Atlantis/Valhalla/Event/Seasonal. Those portal guaranteed minimum 3 star heroes.

Do daily summon only if we already have so many great heroes to level, and need so many feeders faster. But I still recomend stock in Training Camp as much as we can.

I did a 10 pull to try to get a few 3* and feeders since I fed all my 3s to the 5s and I need 3*s. Rookie mistake.

I only got 6 total heroes and no troops. I was shorted 4 pulls.

I’d suggest you log a support ticket for the team to investigate, you can do this in-game.

Sorry bud, unfortunately, we are unable to assist you with this on the Forum.


You may have only gotten 6 x 1&2 star heroes but my guess would be you got 4x 1&2 troops as well. Look in your inventory.
EDIT: the other thing is that duplicates only appear once when you claim your heroes, so you can press the claim button less than 10 times to collect your 10 heroes. You can only tell by selecting Heroes and counting the ones that say “New”.


the one time someone doesn’t want troops, they get them! thatll teach op

No. I didn’t get any troops

Did you check your roster afterwards? When I get several heroes from TC it shows not every single hero i got. The multiple once are only shown once. So it might be that you get 1/2 star heroes multiple times but they appear only once in the overview.


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