I did 60 pull is this normal that i didnt got a single 5* not even the Hotm ( im about to quit)

Are you asking for somewhere to report having good luck? I suggest making a post in #general-discussion. But you might want to wait until after Atlantis is over, because a lot of us are still pretty salty about our bad luck :slightly_smiling_face:


No,not really,but you always read about bad luck, but rarely about good.
I did a couple pulls atlantis and i got 2 3 stars heros witch i may feed to some other hero.

“I’m about to quit”. Yet six months later y’all still messing around in the game 8 hours a day.


I pulled Frida for 5 minutes with a single atlantis coin. Now I have 5 hotm(Zeline-Khiona-Evelyn-Kunchen-Frida) without spending money on this game :smiling_imp:


Kudos :slight_smile: What about those ascending mats to up all of them?!!? I’m sure you’ll start spending very soon :stuck_out_tongue:

Actually I can ascend them all.

I’ll never start spending :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Yes… It is completely normal. Pulling 60 times makes you 54.39% probability to get at least ONE HoTM. So It almost can be compared trowing a coin a waiting for a side you want.
I know, sometimes it sounds unfair, but it is part of statistic =(


For how long have been playing? I’m playing intensively this game for over a year and half and my 4* troops are only at level 15, the only guys that I know that have over level 20, they actually pay regularly for 10x pulls for troops. I don’t want to doubt you (I can’t prove it anyway :stuck_out_tongue: ), but if I saw your team I would say that you’re a massive spender :smile: :smile:
Anyway Kudos, great defense team! :+1:

You already have the nine rings of the mans and the seven rings of the dwarves, are you planning to gather even the three of the elves and the One Ring? :stuck_out_tongue:


I did my biggest pull ever and did 22 pulls for this Atlantis because I wanted Hel and Alberich so bad and yeah, I am with you, no 5* :frowning:

I play since 16 months. Money wasted = 0€ :wink:

Just using the knowledge from the community ton progress as fast as possible :muscle::brain:

Thanks, wish you the best :+1:

Of course I do.



I did 45 summons when the Atlantis started and got 0 five star and no Hotm.

Then I made 10 more summons just for kicks and got Hel Atomos and 2x Frida.

It’s crazy like that

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You probably mean coins… you can’t do tokens in Atlantis…

Yes, coins. I’ve always called em tokens lol

30 over pulls on the last Atlantis returned mostly feeders and dupes.
Lesson learned. Done far less pull this Atlantis
With Triton as the only notable pull.

Gonna keep my gems for the rest of the seasonal summon. Who knows Lady Luck may come knocking on Teltoc.

I hope so. :frowning:
Cant rain all the time, eh?

It goes both ways. Last month I did 13 pulls and got just one 4* hero, all the rest were 3*. This month I did 16 pulls and received three 4* heroes, along with Frida and Atomos.

May the RNG be ever in your favor (from now forward).

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30 pulls here and nothing. It’s just the way this game is built. It’s frustrating when you spend money and get nothing in return. But we all knew that when we press the pull buttons. The odds are public. Fair or not it’s just how it is. Mybe it will change at some point. Better odds or atlantis heroes in TC20.


God knows!
But I’d prefer summer time over a rainy day, any day!

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