I did 60 pull is this normal that i didnt got a single 5* not even the Hotm ( im about to quit)

280$ later i didnt got any 5* is this normal or a bug can be involved ? cause i can understand that they are expensive but when i see a member of my alliance getting hel with free atlantic coin, im confuse about not getting a single 5* with 60 pull


Yes, this is perfectly normal.

20 Characters.


You have a chance, it isn’t like “if you make 100 pulls you will get HoTM”
So yes, its unlucky but normal


I am playing national lottery for 12 years now and still never won even 2nd tier prize. I probably should quit that as well.


I’ve made 30 pulls, got one 5* (Alb) and the HOTM(Frida). But I was aware that I could get nothing…

Last month I made 62 pulls for…0 legendary. It’s pure luck and the biggest mistake is to start pulling with the thought that according to statistics I am going to get 100% a 5*. It’s not like that. You take your chances and if you are lucky good for you, if not that’s also ok.
I understand your frustration though


Me last month 6 10x pulls (trying to get Gretel to team up with my Evelyn) no HOTM, no 5*, no feature character so you are not alone game is fun just taking a break from spending money. I’m at SH 19 now so when I get to 20 will look for my 5* then out of TC 20

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120 Atlantis pulls no HoTM either. Same 3*'s over & over. I can’t believe that the pattern isn’t being manipulated. The odds of pulling 3 of the same hero per x10 so often (this happens every month) is suspicious.

There are relatively few Atlantis 3*, but they are the most common result. Dupes of them is the expected result for meaningful numbers of pulls. For instance:


When you see so many Chochins…


Im also confused pulling 60 times in Alice in wonderland and got nothing besides the cat. There was a person in my previous alliance, he’s free to play and did 5 pulls in kage banner. Guess what, three 5*. What r the chances? Its all RNG my friend.

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It turns out Kage LOVES the taste of Chochin.


Totally normal unfortunately lol! My very first pull when I started the game

was Guinevere- that got me hooked. I have since done multiple draws with some great ones and some that were garbage. I did one 30 summon today with nothing but 3*. Did another later and got Poseidon and 2 bonus draws! The odds are posted- just don’t take any risks you aren’t comfortable with:) it’s a gamble every time


Sorry, not sure how the pic ended up in the center of the text lol

…definitely. The lottery is a scam. :3

As many have said, it is unfortunate but it happens.

One of my alliance members did 180 pulls trying to get Poseidon…

…while I got Poseidon on my only pull via tokens.

However, might I suggest a better budget and restricting yourself? Your money so feel free to ignore, but buying 1000 lottery tickets doesnt amplify your chances of winning. Each ticket has the same odds my friend.

60 is common , personally i did 110 without single *5 and my guildmate did 210 pull for 1 HOTM at past atlantis.

Number of Pulls 60
Any 5* Odds 2.500%
Chance to Pull 1+ Legendary 78.108%
Chance to Pull Nothing 21.892%
Chance to Pull HOTM 54.393%
CHance to Miss HOTM 45.607%
Chance to Pull Nothing & Miss HOTM 9.984%

This is what I got assuming my math is correct.


Looks correct to me. We normally just round the “HOTM or non-HOTM 5*” percentage from 3.7675% to 3.8%, which makes the negative outcomes appear just a scosh worse.

1-(0.962325^60)=.09984, or 9.984%
1-(0.962^60)=0.09783, or 9.783%


Why is there no forum,for when you you get a elemental token and pull barril and frida come along?