I DC when I hit attack

I’m getting disconnected when I hit attack on the Titan.

Edited by @DaveCozy to remove photo with players Game ID

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Just tried again after 3 restarts and it works now
Don’t know why it DC’ed me earlier

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Been randomly having same issue as well

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Hide your account ID in that picture immediately.

If you take a screenshot of the initial loading screen / disconnected screen, please make sure you crop the bottom so that it doesn’t show your game ID when posting it.

I’ve removed the screenshot myself from the post to protect your account.

This value should be protected and not shown publicly, as it can be used to access your account by a malicious user who gets ahold of it.


I missed the screenshot. Maybe you should show us an example of what not to do?

The disconnect on trying to fight the titan happened to me as well. I closed the game and it’s been fine since.

Well I dont have en error message on my screenshot but I can still show you what the OP did.

The OP posted a screenshot similar to the one I just fashioned here except he didnt cover his account number in the bottom right corner. I guess people can use that information to harm your account in some way. So I either scribble it out like I did or just crop that part out.


Lol i was just bein a smart a**

But thank you


Lmao you never know with this forum

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Damn, completely forgot lol. Thanks for fixing it

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