I Couldnt upgrade my iron storage to advanced one (Solved - not a bug)

I upgrade one iron storage to advanced but second one needs lvl23 stronghold.
Could you please help about this bug.

That’s weird I know people who have gotten multiple

Its not a bug… you can only lvl 1 advanced building of each with SH 21.
To convert more you have to wait for the update and get SH 23 to be able to convert more buildings to advanced.


It’s not a bug. You can only level 1 up in advanced… when you get stronghold 23 you’ll be able to level a second. Side note: keep leveling the one you have til level 10


That’s what I figured but I swear someone in my alliance has 2

I dont understand
My stronghold is lvl21
I have one advanced iron storage
You say I couldnt create second advanced iron storage, rigth?.

Yes not for now.
With SH 21 you can only have one

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Ä°ts too weird situation.

Ä°s it same for food storage?

Yes for all advanced buildings you can only have 1 of each with SH 21

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And nothing past SH21 is available yet. They will be coming, most likely, with the hero academy and alchemy lab. So it’s just a matter of waiting for the next update.

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