I could cry!

OMG thank you SG!! My weakest link was my dark elemental in my team!
FIRST pull this morning and I get this! My weakest is now my strongest! First 5* ever! Big hug and kiss!


Sadly he’s considered one of the weaker purple 5* heroes, but any fiver is good if it’s the first :slight_smile:


Not my first 5*, but otherwise the same thing for me. He may not be the greatest 5* or the best dark, but I don’t have a lot of option on either of those two fronts, plus my sorcerer team just got significantly better.


Congrats! Dont listen to what people say! Your pull was amazing and you just have to know is how to pair him with a good team and synergy!


Mixed feelings… regarding OP and some of the first responses.

I have had 3 single Atlantis pulls today. Chochin, Tyrum, and Gill-Ra, 3* Purples really like me this month.

Now regarding the responses about him not being the best, speaking from someone (me) who has not had a HoTM (or seasonal/event hero for that matter), I think the fact that he is now available to you (favorite him asap, if you haven’t already) is worth some celebrating on your part already. Congratulations!


Congrats…very nice pull!!!

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I agree with @Shohoku79.
Let her celebrate. Pulling a 5* from the Atlantis portal, not to mention a past HOTM is very lucky and worth celebrating!
Congrats to @Stormy!!! That’s pretty awesome!


Congrats! :clap:

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He may look like a fearsome warrior, but he hits like a girl.

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