I cant writh in general chat


hi. Im AmorE in game Leader from alleance Cavalieri di Din from this morning I write in the general room but no one greeted me. After so many hours my doubts came to me because no one greets me. I asked everyone and even in alliance no one saw me or read in a global room. but I have not received any notification of any bann or I could not even write … what can it be? how can I solve this Bugs??:roll_eyes: please healp.


If you were banned you’d be unable to post in chat rooms at all…it would also have the amount of days of your ban in the bar you write in.reset your phone maybe.


Yes a cant writh also in other rooms…but into alleance i can…but i dont have bann under my account…and im reset my phon…but nothing((


Has to be a glitch make sure you screenshot & send it to sgg …alliance chat is allowed under a ban but if you don’t see chat ban in the bar something is going on-when you start up the game you didn’t get a ban notice? Good luck mama I was banned for a month made for a boring 4 weeks

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No i dont have under someting…i know how this…i was for 7 days so i know))and verry strange this…i dont know how resolved…


Last two days I’ve had trouble with some normal stuff that calls to server - sometimes I get an error message, most of the time it just hangs until I restart the app…

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No1 can help me o any answer??


If it really is a bug, then no one on the forum can help you. You need to submit a ticket to support

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I did…but for 2 days not any answer)


And what mean this cake near my name?hahaha


The cake is to symbolize that you joined the forum one year ago. Happy forum anniversary!

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Hhahaha thank you hony​:birthday::hugs::kissing_closed_eyes:


I never got a warning message of don’t do that. I never got a message at all that I was banned. Sent 6 emails to sg and I only got automated responses saying your banned we don’t dispute our decision. Tried asking ok how long same automated message. finally got an answer 3 months later perma ban with no warning. Ppl are reporting others for recruiting in general. I created another account and use it to recruit only in AR…


Yes but all reacluting in general chat and nowhere sayd do not must reacluting in general…

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