I can't wait for Challenge Festival II


oh man, I have been saving challenge coins and gems for so long! I have around 300 coins and 9000 gems aaand none of those challenge heroes (Slayers, Circus, Villains)!! So, I’m super excited to take a shot on that portal! Like, so many shots :slight_smile:

even though I know things may not go as I hope, the thrill of pulling heroes is exciting.


May the odds be ever in our favor!! lol, thanks for reading!


I hope you will enjoy your Marjana, Leonidas and your 3 Tahir dupes. :smiley:
Seriously, I wish you lucky pulls.


yeah, but Season 1 heroes won’t be in this portal :slight_smile: it’s only Challenge heroes! I wouldn’t mind couple of Tahirs, though :slight_smile:


Indeed, you get a point !


Excellent heroes in the portal, good luck with your pulls, may the odds be in your favour….

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Why these are all outdated? S5 is much better

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Well Zuri, Faline, Bobo, Toxicandra, Dark Lord are still very desirable and viable heroes in my opinion. We should not forget that Bards are coming too.


I tried to use my challenge coins in the S5 portal, but it doesn’t work. Can you please tell me how to proceed, oh enlightened one?


They’re all excellent heroes and are still absolutely relevant. Don’t pay too much attention, they systematically declare heroes outdated roughly 2 hours after release.

I swear I’m not making fun of you when I tell you they created a topic a few weeks ago, expressing their outrage at the fact that CoK heroes are obsolete and demanding new ones to be released. :joy:

In terms of unintentional comedy, it doesn’t get any better than them.

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Are you serious? Where’s this topic? I’m not sure what to think of this.

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Here it is @Quinn3 :point_up_2:


Circus and Villains are totally still up there! The slayers may be a bit dated now, if one compared them to the most recent stuff, but still a heck of a lot better than most I have lol. And that little speed buff they got a while back helps too :slight_smile:
And the fact that I can´t get S1 is the biggest reason for me to spend all I got on this portal instead of any other. Meaning I´ll go fishing for some 4 stars (don´t have any Circus or Slayer 4 stars, but got 2 villain 4 stars from solstice). If a 5 star goes in the net, I won´t complain :wink:

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Thanks. It looks like from that poster’s history all he ever does is complain that any hero over 3 months old is outdated and obsolete.


yup, for those of us still with mainly s1 heroes, any of these Challenge Event II heroes would be welcome!


You’re not wrong there at all. They’re just mad at the world…all the time.


I am slightly confused in terms of the original Challenge Festival which contained Wonderland, Grimforest, etcetera - will that be returning?

Yes of course, the rotation should be CF1, CF2, Gargoyles and loop back. So CF1 should be back on the 6th of October :wink:

I don’t have any 5* from this group… So… Sure there are better ones… But… No dupes… If I’m so lucky as to get one.

Thanks so much! That’s great!! :grinning:

Pretty sure that they´ll have a new event up and running before they even make it around once lol…

These days it seems like if they have only one new portal every month the devs are called lazy by the management :wink:

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