I cant use field aid

Everytime I am in war I try to use field aid by touching the icon on top of page where the aid bar is. is that correct because i can never activate it. How does one actually use this? Please n thank you. Also “flags”. Huh? I dont understand what this is or how yo use either. Please advise. Thank you.

The war aids are automatic and helps the defending team only. They charge by a little amount after every turn and is activated when the bar is full. This is similar to how enemy heroes gain a little mana after each turn and then they use their specials when the bar is full.

Note: As you kill more of the enemy heroes, the war aid (field aid, arrows, attack boost) will charge faster.


So i dont have to do anything to activate the usage of it?

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Field Aid (and Arrow Attack and Attack Attack Boost) is not something you can use on offense in wars. It’s for the defensive team. Your team gets these when they are attacked by the opposing team but you obviously can’t see that happening. If you click on the icon you will see it say “In this war defenders for both Alliances are supported by…xxxx”. Hope that helps.

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It does. Thank you. Ive spent alot of time pushing that button haha.

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You do use it though. Just when people are attacking you :joy:

It’s not quite as satisfying when they one shot you and you bounce off your hit mind…

Oooh i kudt got the ah ha moment! Thank you very much.

" just got the ah ha moment

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