I can't update the game

I also have this problem on an Android device. But it only started after I uninstalled the app.
Then I went to the play store to reinstall, and I’ve installed version 24.
When is version 25 out and will this fix the issue?

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Same here…All.started when all of a sudden Winter Setup was displayed, (snow, Richard and Elena with Christmas Costumes) but with some display problems… some of the visual features in game were replaced by black spots… I decided to uninstall the game and aftet installed again it is a loop -> Good news there is a new update in store -> Go to store there is no Update button only Uninstall and Open Buttons -> Press Open and once again Good news there is a …

Really frustrating and in a middle of an event and War Matchmaking . …

I used Ios and Android play this game. But after update this version. Ios can update and play again. Android i have 2 devices but can’t update both. Can you fix this problem? by put full install in google store.

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Fixed today for me… finally. Lost almost 2 days with this.

How you fixed it ? :slight_smile:

The just added a new update, and this time play store seen it

All issue is solve, i can update in both android.

Thank for admin to here from us.

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